Yearly Challenge Update For February 2020


Just a quick update on how my yearly challenges are going.  I’m on track for everything except audiobooks.  I should have one this month though.


Year of the Asian:  2 for Feb.  4 Total

Audio:  0

Goodreads:  13 for Feb.  28 Total

Diversity:  8 for Feb.  15 Total

New Releases:  10 for Feb.  23 Total

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Wrap Up for all 2019 Yearly Challenges


I joined quite a few challenges in 2019 after only really doing things like the Goodreads one.  I’m happy to say that I did really well with them (except linking up my updates, oops).  I have decided to join even more for 2020.


I realized that my GR and my numbers aren’t 100%.  Sometimes their page count was wrong and they counted my 3 book audiobook as 1 instead of 3.  Just wanted to explain that because I’ll be sharing my GR’s stuff on Saturday.

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