Wrap up for the TBR and Beyond’s December 2019 Challenge


I failed this one pretty bad.  I just don’t read many holiday or winter books, so I had a feeling I wouldn’t complete it.  I still wanted to share how I did.



Did you do this challenge?  Do you read a lot of holiday books?






December 2019 Wrap Up


My reading wasn’t too bad in December.  I got more in the mood to read the last week of the month and I read a lot of books I liked.  (These are not in order.)


Keystone 4 1/2 stars

Diamond City  4 stars  ARC

Tweet Cute  5 stars  ARC

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November 2019 Wrap Up


November was a bit slow for me with my reading, but I kind of knew it would be.  I started off strong, but then my reading slowed down a lot.  I still managed to read 11 books and I liked all of them.


Midnight Beauties  4 stars

A Constellation of Roses  5 stars

Bring Me Their Hearts  (older arc)  5 stars

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September 2019 Wrap Up


I actually thought I would read more in September with my husband working long hours.  Somehow that didn’t happen though.  I still did well, pretty close to my average.


These won’t be in order of when I read them, but they were all read in September.


Into the Crooked Place (physical arc)  4 stars

Gravemaidens  (digital arc)  4  1/2 stars

The Never Tilting World  (digital arc)  4  1/2 stars

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August 2019 Yearly Challenge Update


I’m doing surprisingly well with all these challenges.  If you saw my early posts, you’ll know that I hardly ever signed up for yearly challenges.   It overwhelms me and I always forget to go back and update on each one.  But I wanted to push myself a bit this year and signed up for a few.



In August, I read 1 book by an Asian author.  My total is 12/11.  So I’ve met this goal already and hope to get some more read before the end of the year.

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Wrap Up for TBR and Beyond’s July and August 2019 Challenge


I ended up doing better than I expected on this challenge.  I rolled for two boards and was able to finish both.



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