May 2022 Wrap Up


May was a bad month for us, so I’m not sure how I got so much reading done.  Our almost 10 year old Catahoula, Ripley, had some seizures.  They were caused by a brain tumor we didn’t know he had.  He had no symptoms before the first seizure and he was still super active. We thought we’d have a few more months with him, but he went downhill fast.  Losing him was the hardest thing.  He was definitely my soul dog.  Two days later, our 17 Shih Tzu, Dexter, passed.  He had a super long life and he passed quietly in his sleep.  It was a lot of days spent crying and stressing out.  We can never replace Ripley.  He was special and the smartest dog I’ve ever known.  But we did put down a deposit to get on a wait list for a Catahoula puppy this fall.  Fingers crossed that the litter has what we’re looking for.  I can’t get a dog that looks like Ripley, so we’re being picky.

This is a picture of Ripley from last year.

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March 2022 Wrap Up


I’m actually surprised I ended up reading so much in March.  Because of vacation, I didn’t finish my first book until 3/7.  I was able to catch up though and it ended up being a good month.


These are in no particular order.

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