I’m On Vacation! Leaving Today!




As you’re reading this, I’m already on my way to San Diego.  I have posts scheduled to go up every day, but I won’t be replying to anything until November 4th or 5th.

I’m excited to see how adventurous we get on this trip.  We definitely won’t lay around. We plan on spending time in the desert and the ocean.  We’re also going to a haunted trail in Balboa Park.

I’ll leave you with a couple photos from a past trip.





Talk to you all next week!



Our trip to Belize (part one)


I have a feeling that this could be a long post with lots of photos and videos.  I apologize now, but we always try to experience as much as possible while traveling.  I’m breaking this up into two posts, but there will still be a lot.


We flew into Belize early April 16th.  After getting our rental car, we looked at our map to see how to get to our hotel.  There are not many highways in Belize, so it’s pretty simple to get places.  We noticed that the Belize Zoo was on the way, so we stopped there for a bit.



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Leaving for vacation today!




We are headed back to San Diego for our anniversary this year!  I will have posts scheduled to go up, but won’t be able to reply to any comments until we get back home next week.


I hope everyone has a nice Valentine’s Day and weekend coming up!  I will be enjoying the beautiful city and ocean!