Are You Following Me On Social Media?


It’s been a little while since I shared all my social media accounts.  I have quite a few new followers, so I thought I would post them again.  Thank you to everyone that already follows.


Instagram  I’m not as active on instagram (with commenting) because I use my desktop for most things.  But I do try to share pictures a couple times a week.

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Have you seen #bookishwish on Twitter yet?


I was a bit late to notice it, but there is a great thing going around on twitter right now.  #bookishwish is a way to share the books you want and maybe someone will grant your wish.


I decided to grant two wishes for people (for now).  I’m hoping I can do another one in the future.  I tried to pick a younger teenager first and found one in Indiana.  She got her book in already.  For my second one, I decided to find someone international.  I found a youngish girl in the Philippines, and ordered her choice already.

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Follow me on social media!


I have finally gotten a bit more active on social media.  Yes, I know it’s about time.  I’m doing my best to post more often, so I wanted to share all my social media links for everyone again.


Facebook  If you can, please give my page a like.  I share some of my blog post there.  I also share book deals and articles.


Instagram  I finally have pictures up on instagram.  This one has taken me the longest since I can’t use it on my computer.  I will be sharing book pictures there often.

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