San Diego Food (May 2021 trip)


We always take photos of our food on vacations, so I thought I would share our most recent ones here.  Definitely found a new favorite taco place in May!



We always get Luigi’s at the Beach for our first day in San Diego.  It’s kind of a tradition, but I know we won’t always be able to go.  But I love their huge pizza slices with ranch.

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Our May 2021 San Diego Trip


It was so nice to be able to travel again.  This should have been our 2020 trip and I’m just so glad we were finally able to go.  In fact, I just booked another visit in September for my birthday.  It’s getting harder and harder to come back home.  I thought I would share some pictures and things we did.


We stayed at The Dana in Mission Bay and this was the view between our blinds.

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Goodreads Monday 5/17/21


Goodreads Monday is hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners.  All you have to do is show off a book from your TBR that you’re looking forward to reading.

It’s getting hard to remember which ones I’ve done already, so I’m sorry if you see a book pop up on these more than once.  It will happen.  Probably a lot.

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Where we want to visit in 2020.


Yes, I’m already thinking ahead to 2020.  It’s probably good because I’m surprised at how many hotels are already sold out in places for next February and March.


After a bit of research, we’re 99% sure we’re going to go to Nicaragua.  I decided on Granada since it has all the history and is safer than the capital.  It’s also popular with tourists and safety here is our number one concern.  We don’t plan on renting a car.  For safety reasons, we’ll do tours, use taxis, and maybe a bus.  I’m still looking to see if I can find a day tour to Costa Rica, but I’m not sure if that will happen.


I have some travel books already, but I found some pictures using bing to share.  *I do not own these and all were on bing images.*



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Our Belize Trip (part two)


This will be my last post about our vacation.  I’m still on our third day.  After leaving Placencia, we decided to drive up the coast a bit to Hopkins.  My book said that all the beaches there are public.  The village is a Garifuna village.  It took us awhile to figure out where to park and we weren’t even sure we were right.  But the bar owner explained that the short streets to the coast are for parking.


It was a bit cooler here and the water was so warm.  The beach wasn’t as clean as in Placencia (my husband picked up plastic for them).  We had a couple drinks at the bar, swam a bit, and just hung out.  I really liked it.  After leaving, we drove around a bit and stopped at an art shop to buy something unique to bring home.  More about that below.



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Our trip to Belize (part one)


I have a feeling that this could be a long post with lots of photos and videos.  I apologize now, but we always try to experience as much as possible while traveling.  I’m breaking this up into two posts, but there will still be a lot.


We flew into Belize early April 16th.  After getting our rental car, we looked at our map to see how to get to our hotel.  There are not many highways in Belize, so it’s pretty simple to get places.  We noticed that the Belize Zoo was on the way, so we stopped there for a bit.



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Our trip to Guatemala 2019


I thought I would share a bit about our recent vacation along with some pictures and videos.  I took a lot of photos, so it’s going to be tough deciding which ones to share, but I’ll try not to overdo it.


We flew into Belize on April 16th and just went to the zoo that day.   Our first full day was April 17th and we took a tour to Tikal in Guatemala.  I highly recommend taking a tour vs trying to go through the border on your own.  Also, please be aware that you will see a lot of police or military on the sides of the road holding very large guns.  It was a bit intimidating, especially when there would be 6-8 closer to the trees.  I highly recommend buying some mango juice while exchanging your money at the border.  I already miss the fresh juices.




This first photo was taken through the car window.  I can’t remember which lake this was.  We passed two.  One was freshwater and one was saltwater.  Guatemala has some gorgeous scenery, but most of the two hour drive were spread out houses with a lot of animals.  Most looked to be living in poverty or close to it.

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Visiting the Coast in Belize Today!


We decided to visit the coast for our second full day in Belize (third day there).  After looking at a lot of different places, we found that Placencia is only a 2 hour drive from where we’re staying.  So if we can, this is where we will be today.  I’m hoping to get there early and see if we can find a decent priced boat ride out to one of the cayes by the barrier reef.  But if not, I just want to explore and swim.


Visit this link to learn more about Placencia.

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We’re in Guatemala today!


If things are going as planned, we are taking a trip to Guatemala today.  It’s also my husband’s birthday (Happy Birthday Jesse).


We only have a couple full days to do bigger things while on vacation, and thought this was a must see.  We were able to book a trip to Tikal through our hotel.

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