May 2018 Bookie Box unboxing




This was my first time getting The Bookie Box.  I’m not going to lie.  I’m not a fan of this box at all.  I was very disappointed.  The shipping date changed multiple times (I didn’t get it in until June 4th), the box was overstuffed and all bent, and I’m very bummed about the book.  I picked based off what The Book Box Sherlocks thought the book was and that was not it.  It is also a self published paperback book.  I’m sure some people will love it, but I can’t even get through all the books I really want to read.  So getting a book I’ve never heard of was pretty upsetting.  I also wasn’t happy with the quality of the items in the box.  Maybe this was just a one time bad box.


Stop reading here if you don’t want any spoilers.  There will be pictures of everything in the box.

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