September 2019 Book Haul (It’s a big one)


I have to start with this.  I was prepared for a lot of books in September.  But seeing them all written down is a bit shocking.  I think October may be just as bad, but we’ll see as the month goes on.




From Publishers:

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September 2019 Blog Stats


September ended up being an amazing month for my blog.  Thank you all so much for visiting, liking, following, and commenting.  Last September was down a lot, so I expended that trend to continue this year.  I’m pleased that it didn’t.


Screenshot 2019-10-01 00.00.33

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September 2019 Wrap Up


I actually thought I would read more in September with my husband working long hours.  Somehow that didn’t happen though.  I still did well, pretty close to my average.


These won’t be in order of when I read them, but they were all read in September.


Into the Crooked Place (physical arc)  4 stars

Gravemaidens  (digital arc)  4  1/2 stars

The Never Tilting World  (digital arc)  4  1/2 stars

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Wrap Up For TBR and Beyond’s September 2019 Challenge


Just a quick update on how I did with September’s challenge.  When this was first announced, I had a lot of arcs to read, so I was thinking I would only get 3 of the 5 done.  But somehow I was able to fit 5 of my books into the categories.

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It’s My Birthday!




Today is my birthday.  I honestly don’t celebrate much anymore.  My best friend’s mom did throw her a “surprise” party last month and it ended up being a party for 4 of us with birthdays somewhat close together.  So that was a lot of fun.  I usually go out to lunch with my dad during the day.

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The September 2019 TBR and Beyond Challenge


The start of September gave us a new challenge for TBR and Beyond.  It’s an Autumn Mix and Match Reading Challenge.  If you’re a member of TBR and Beyond on facebook, you can join the challenge HERE.



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September 2019’s BOTM YA Choices

I’m an affiliate for BOTM YA and wanted to share the September picks with you today.  Also, if you sign up using my link, I’ll get a small commission.  Also, you can use the code GROW to sign up for $9.99!  

My Sign Up Link


Now for the books you can choose from this month.

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Most Anticipated September 2019 Book Releases.


I’m going to say it now.  September is insane!  WTH publishers?  I know there are slow seasons and busy seasons, but this is nuts.  I do not have every release listed.  I tried to choose the ones I’m looking forward to and the ones I know a lot of other people are excited for.




%have an arc I still need to read.


September 3rd:



Kingdom of Souls  *$

The Lady Rogue  *$

There Will Come A Darkness (reading now)  $

The Girl the Sea Gave Back *

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