September 2021 San Diego Trip (part two)


Part two starts with our third day in San Diego.  It was my birthday and I decided I wanted to spend the day north in Oceanside.  We had never gone before and I thought it could be fun.


We started our day going to the Surf Museum.

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September 2021 San Diego Trip (part one)


We had such a great trip in September.  I probably took around 1000 photos, so I thought I would share a handful with all of you.  I’ll split this up into two posts.  We were only there for four days, so part one will be days one and two.  I already shared the food, so I won’t add those again.


We tend to do a lot of hiking on our vacations.  After we arrived, we decided to first walk around Banker’s Hill.  I mostly wanted to walk on two of the bridges there.


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Food from our September 2021 Trip to San Diego


I thought I would share the food we got on our last vacation.  Our condo had a kitchen, so we were able to eat a lot of take out that way, but did eat at some restaurants, too.


Our tradition for our first day there is to always get pizza at Luigi’s at the Beach.    We went there for lunch.  I got a half slice, but my husband’s full slice is pictured below.

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San Diego Food (May 2021 trip)


We always take photos of our food on vacations, so I thought I would share our most recent ones here.  Definitely found a new favorite taco place in May!



We always get Luigi’s at the Beach for our first day in San Diego.  It’s kind of a tradition, but I know we won’t always be able to go.  But I love their huge pizza slices with ranch.

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Our May 2021 San Diego Trip


It was so nice to be able to travel again.  This should have been our 2020 trip and I’m just so glad we were finally able to go.  In fact, I just booked another visit in September for my birthday.  It’s getting harder and harder to come back home.  I thought I would share some pictures and things we did.


We stayed at The Dana in Mission Bay and this was the view between our blinds.

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Holly Black & Susan Dennard at Mysterious Galaxy San Diego, CA


My husband and I took a short vacation to San Diego for our anniversary this year.  I had to look and see what book events were going on and found a great one that wasn’t happening here in Illinois.  Mysterious Galaxy had Susan Dennard and Holly Black on Friday February 16th, so we made sure to attend.




Since we were on vacation, I didn’t think to write things down when we got back to the hotel.  So I don’t have a lot of details about the discussion to share.  I will mostly be sharing photos.

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