Author Q&A with Sasha Dawn for Blink (plus my review and giveaway)


I’m super excited to have author Sasha Dawn on my blog today.  She was nice enough to reach out to me last year to read and review her new book, Blink.  I have a Q&A with Sasha and a giveaway.




Blink by Sasha Dawn


When Chatham begins to understand more about a crime she witnessed a decade ago, she disappears . . . in a blink. Finding her means more than simply saving her. It could also be the key to the town’s longest unsolved mystery. Joshua’s in love with Chatham and he’s determined to find her and untangle the web of lies and mystery surrounding her. But who is Chatham really and what is her connection to the crime that was committed so long ago?

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Blogger Q&A with Donna from Moms Book Collection


I wanted to start having guest posts from other bloggers and Donna reached out to me a couple weeks ago.  We decided on a Q&A about her blog and blogging in general.



First, can you tell everyone about yourself and your blog?

My name is Donna, i am 25 years old a mother of 4/5 including my husband!!! I am a stay at home mom. My blog is mainly about books obviously, Top Ten Tuesdays, Goodread Mondays and so on. I post reviews as well i try to stay spoil free. I also just started a new post about Anxiety!!! it is a big thing not many people are talking about and with someone that lives with it. It needs to come out more. 

What made you want to start blogging? 
I have wanted to blog for awhile i tried to blog about mommy things but that did not do very well so when i heard there was such a thing called book blogging i wanted to jump on the band wagon… what else am i suppose to do while i am home?? 

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