Wrap Up for November 2021 TBR and Beyond Challenge


My scanner still doesn’t like me, so I can’t upload my finished graphic.  I’ll just type everything out below.  I did ok for November’s challenge.  I didn’t finish every prompt, but read more than I thought I would.

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Blog Stats for November 2021


November was another slow blogging month.  This might just be how it is now which makes me a little sad.  My views were about average for the past 4-5 months, but my comments were way down.  I’m hoping that changes soon.  

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Anticipated November 2021 Young Adult Books


I feel like November usually doesn’t have a lot of releases, but maybe I’m remembering wrong.  Because this November has a lot that I’m excited for.  As always, this isn’t everything coming out.

$ purchased

* read

% have arc to read

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