November 2017 FairyLoot Unboxing




November’s FairyLoot theme was Ladies That Slay.  Unfortunately, this will be my last FL for at least a couple months.  I missed out on December (twice) and I already ordered the book they are doing for January.  Hopefully I can start again after that because I really love their boxes.


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November 2017 book haul. Guess what? It’s big again!

Yes, November was another bad month of books.  Some were pre-orders and quite a few were purchased from the YA literature conference.  Also some sales and books that were given to me.  I don’t have pictures of everything, but there will be some below.

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November 2017 Wrap Up


November wasn’t my best reading month, but I was able to squeeze in my first graphic novels and an audiobook.  I tried to read on vacation, but really struggled with focusing enough, so it took me over a week to read one book this time.  Hopefully December will be better for me.


Here is what I read/listened to.



Fragments of the Lost by Megan Miranda  4  1/2 stars

This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada  5 stars

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Most Anticipated Releases November 2017


There are quite a few books coming out in November that I want to read.  These are my most anticipated.  Why are there so many that come out November 7th though?  I really wish they were more spread out through the month.


November 6th:


Entangled Teen Crush books are a guilty pleasure.  I already read Offsetting Penalties, but need to pick up The First Kiss Hypothesis.



November 7th:



I’ve already read Kat and Meg Conquer the World and Haven.  I really liked both books.  I pre-ordered This Mortal Coil and can’t wait to get into that one.


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