Most Anticipated 2020 YA Sequels/Series


I decided to do a separate post for sequels since there are quite a few I’m looking forward to.  I did not include anything I’ve already read.  These are in no order.  I also didn’t include anything that might be a book three if I haven’t read book two yet.


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A Look Back At My Blog’s 2019 Most Anticipated


I did multiple most anticipated posts for my blog for 2019.  This post will be a look back at two of them to see how I did.


1st Post

2nd Post

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Anticipated February 2020 Young Adult Books


February is another pretty big release month, so I can’t include everything here.  I picked ones I’m interested in and then others that I think will be popular.  Dates are taken from Goodreads, so they might change or be wrong.




%arc to read

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A Look Back At My 2019 Most Anticipated and How I Did (plus my new graphic for 2020)


As most of you know, I’m a mod for TBR and Beyond on facebook.  Each year, we’re asked (about 6 weeks before the years end) to list our favorites and our most anticipated.  I thought I would look back and see if I read the books I was so excited for at that time.


These were really in no particular order.  It was hard enough to narrow it down.



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A Look Back At My Most Anticipated Series/Sequels For 2019


I made two posts for the series/sequels I was most looking forward to reading in 2019.  I wanted to take a look back and see what I read.


1st Post

2nd Post


There were 20, but 2 had release dates pushed to 2020.  So here are the 18.

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Most Anticipated January 2020 YA Releases


December was a pretty slow month, but January is making up for it.  This isn’t all of the YA books coming out.  I picked ones I’m looking forward to along with some that will probably be pretty popular.




%have arc or finished copy to read


January 7th:



One Of Us Is Next  $

How To Speak Boy *

A Heart So Fierce and Broken

Scavenge the Stars  (reading this right now)

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Most Anticipated December 2019 YA Books


There aren’t too many books coming out in December, but I still found a handful that I’m excited for or that I think others are excited for.  I apologize if any of these dates have changed.  I found one and removed it, but there could be others.


December 1st:



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Anticipated October 2019 Releases


Fall is my favorite season, so I’m happy to see that October is so close.  It’s still a fairly big release month, but then it slows down quite a bit in November.  Maybe we’ll all be able to catch up (probably not).


As always, I can’t post all releases, so I just try to find ones that I’m excited for or ones I think others will be excited for.   You’ll notice that I didn’t pre-order much this month.  September was bad and we have some bigger expenses in October.  But I will be buying some of these that I haven’t ordered yet.   All dates taken from Goodreads.




%still need to read arc

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Most Anticipated September 2019 Book Releases.


I’m going to say it now.  September is insane!  WTH publishers?  I know there are slow seasons and busy seasons, but this is nuts.  I do not have every release listed.  I tried to choose the ones I’m looking forward to and the ones I know a lot of other people are excited for.




%have an arc I still need to read.


September 3rd:



Kingdom of Souls  *$

The Lady Rogue  *$

There Will Come A Darkness (reading now)  $

The Girl the Sea Gave Back *

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