Most Anticipated September 2019 Book Releases.


I’m going to say it now.  September is insane!  WTH publishers?  I know there are slow seasons and busy seasons, but this is nuts.  I do not have every release listed.  I tried to choose the ones I’m looking forward to and the ones I know a lot of other people are excited for.




%have an arc I still need to read.


September 3rd:



Kingdom of Souls  *$

The Lady Rogue  *$

There Will Come A Darkness (reading now)  $

The Girl the Sea Gave Back *

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Most Anticipated August 2019 YA Releases


As always, this isn’t everything coming out in August.  Just ones that I’m excited for and some that I see others really interested in.  Release dates can change, so make sure you double check those.




%have arc unread (some were not requested)

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Most Anticipated July 2019 YA Releases


I have to be honest.  I’m really glad that July is a bit of a slower month for book releases.  I feel like so many books came out from April through June and I need to catch up (like that ever happens).


As always, this isn’t a full list of books coming out.  They are either ones I’m most looking forward to or ones that seem to be pretty popular already.




!arc I need to read

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Most Anticipated June 2019


As always, this isn’t a full list of books coming out in June.  But I tried to add the ones that I’m most interested in and others that seem to have hype already.


Publishers, if you’re reading this, please spread out the release dates more.  Signed most book bloggers and our bank accounts.



! read



June 3rd (one) & 4th:



Breakout *  (I should be reading this in the next few weeks)

The Beholder

Sorcery of Thorns

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Anticipated May 2019 Releases


It looks like May is another busy month for book releases.  This is obviously not everything coming out.  Just books I’m looking forward to and some that are really popular already.



*already read arc

!still need to read arc


May 6th and 7th (one is May 6th):



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Anticipated April 2019 Releases


It’s hard to believe it’s almost April already.  These are not all the ya books coming out in April, but my most anticipated along with some others that I think will be popular.


$ pre-ordered

*already read

% still need to read arc


April 2nd:



The Devouring Gray *

Descendant of the Crane *$

We Rule the Night *

Wicked Saints *$

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Most Anticipated YA Releases for February 2019


We’re already past the halfway point for January!  How did that happen?  So now it’s time to look ahead and see what books are coming out in February.  I know this isn’t everything, but these are some of the hyped books and/or books that I’m excited for.


* already read

$ have it ordered

^ have an arc I still need to read.


2/5 (one of these is 2/4):



End of the Lie *

Lady Smoke * $

The Deceivers

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