Wrap Up for the May 2021 TBR and Beyond Game


My hopes were to read 5 middle grade books for our May challenge, but I ended up reading more.  I still didn’t get everything completed, but I did better than expected.

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San Diego Food (May 2021 trip)


We always take photos of our food on vacations, so I thought I would share our most recent ones here.  Definitely found a new favorite taco place in May!



We always get Luigi’s at the Beach for our first day in San Diego.  It’s kind of a tradition, but I know we won’t always be able to go.  But I love their huge pizza slices with ranch.

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May 2021 Event for TBR and Beyond (Middle Grade Mayhem)


I get so excited for the TBR and Beyond May challenge every year.  It’s always middle grade and so much fun.  We will have teams for this one.  You can join HERE.


This is the team I’m on, but there are coloring pages for each team.



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Anticipated May 2021 Young Adult Book Releases


May looks like another month of great book releases.  This won’t be all the releases for May, but ones I’m excited for or ones that I think others are excited for.



%arc to read

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