“Adventures on the High Seas” Wick and Fable June 2019 unboxing


I’m a bit behind on doing my unboxing post.  I love everything ocean, so I knew I had to order this box the second I saw what the theme was.  Adventures on the High Seas!



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June 2019 Book Haul


I was blessed again in June to receive so many incredible books.  I am so grateful for everything sent to me.  And I purchased some, too.  You had to know I would.  I feel no shame, but I am out of room.  Again.


Physical Books:


Sent From Publishers:




Two of these are finished copies and the rest are ARCs.  I’ve read 3 so far.

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June 2019 Blog Stats


As you know, I love watching trends in blog stats, so I share mine every month.  I’m a nerd with statistics and numbers.  June was a little better than May.  The end of the month really picked up a lot.  Please know that all bloggers numbers vary and even though it’s hard, I try not to compare with others (even though I do and then feel bad).


Screenshot 2019-07-01 13.46.42

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Yearly Challenge Updates as of June 2019


I’ve really been failing on linking up for each of these.  I’m determined to remember soon and get caught up.  I signed up for way more challenges than I normally do, so it’s been harder for me to keep up with them.


Year of the Asian Challenge:

My goal is 11+.  I read 1 in June.  New total:  10/11

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Wrap Up for the June 2019 TBR and Beyond Challenge


While I didn’t read a book for every word, I actually did better than I thought with this event.



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June 2019 Wrap Up


I am so happy with my June reading.  I know I read more because of my hand/tendon issues, so I wasn’t able to type online as much.  But I’m really surprised to see how much that helped.  I’m going to try to make a goal of reading an extra hour a day at least a few days a week now.



Killing November  5 stars

Ms Marvel Volume 10  5 stars

A Touch of Gold Audio/Reread  5 stars

Fan The Fame (arc)  4 stars

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TBR and Beyond’s June 2019 Book Challenge


This month, TBR and Beyond is having a “Read With Pride” word search.  I’ll share the room and info below.  This link will take you to the challenge page.  You’ll need to be a member of TBR and Beyond Book Club to join.



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Most Anticipated June 2019


As always, this isn’t a full list of books coming out in June.  But I tried to add the ones that I’m most interested in and others that seem to have hype already.


Publishers, if you’re reading this, please spread out the release dates more.  Signed most book bloggers and our bank accounts.



! read



June 3rd (one) & 4th:



Breakout *  (I should be reading this in the next few weeks)

The Beholder

Sorcery of Thorns

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