Wrap Up for TBR and Beyond’s Two Month Challenge (July and August 2020)

Board games are my favorite when we have them for TBR and Beyond.   Our last challenge lasted for two months.  I rolled three boards since I knew I would be reading a lot.  I barely finished in time, but I did get all three done.

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July 2020 Wrap Up


July wasn’t my best reading month.  I have been reading a lot slower than normal.  I’ve also felt better the past week+, so I’m enjoying doing things more and I’ve been reading less.  I know it will pick up again if I start feeling crappy.


These aren’t in any order.


Where Dreams Descend  earc  4 stars

Remind Me Why I’m Here  earc  4 stars

Traitor  earc  4 stars

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TBR and Beyond’s July and August 2020 Challenge


TBR and Beyond has another board game for the summer!  These are my favorites.  I really hope I can do a couple boards.  If you’d like to join, please sign up HERE.



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Anticipated July 2020 Young Adult Releases


Please make sure to double check the dates as some have changed lately.  These are the Goodreads dates from a couple weeks ago.  There are quite a few books coming out in July that sound great.  And quite a few are sequels.  This is obviously not everything coming out, but it’s the majority of what I found online.




%have arc to read

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