Yearly Challenge Update For February 2020


Just a quick update on how my yearly challenges are going.  I’m on track for everything except audiobooks.  I should have one this month though.


Year of the Asian:  2 for Feb.  4 Total

Audio:  0

Goodreads:  13 for Feb.  28 Total

Diversity:  8 for Feb.  15 Total

New Releases:  10 for Feb.  23 Total

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February 2020 Wrap Up


I didn’t read quite as much in February.  With my eye issues, I have to limit the amount of time I can read or be online at one time.  I just tried to read a couple extra times a day and it worked out ok.


Wicked As You Wish  3 stars

In the Role of Brie Hutchens (middle grade)  5 stars

Ember Queen  5 stars

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Anticipated February 2020 Young Adult Books


February is another pretty big release month, so I can’t include everything here.  I picked ones I’m interested in and then others that I think will be popular.  Dates are taken from Goodreads, so they might change or be wrong.




%arc to read

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2020 January and February TBR and Beyond Challenge (Menagerie)


TBR and Beyond is bringing back the board game for our next challenge.  These are my favorites and I pre-rolled two boards.  I hope I can finish both.


You can sign up HERE.  You do need to be a member of TBR and Beyond to participate.

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