Discussion Post: Decline in Blog Activity


I recently asked about this on TBR and Beyond, but thought I would post it here, too.  Just a quick discussion since I’ve only been blogging for just over a year.  I’m curious if there are any trends in stats.


I noticed a slight decline in blog activity for August, but September has been a drastic decline.  My number of views is way down.


I was barely blogging at this time last year, so I can’t really use that to judge.  But I’m curious if this is normal this time of the year (school starting)?  Or is there something that I might not be doing to get people visiting?


Have you noticed a decline in activity for September?  If you’ve been blogging for awhile, is this a normal thing for this time of the year?  Do you have any advice to get the views back up or will it just get back to normal again soon?




Discussion: Book Formats


I thought I would post a discussion post today.  The topic is something I see pretty often and I always like to see what people prefer.


Which book format do you prefer?  And why?



I just started listening to audiobooks last year.  I usually use them as a reread or for nonfiction books.  I like that I can listen in the car with my husband, but also at home using my Amazon Echo.  We have audible.

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To TBR or Not To TBR


I definitely have a large TBR on goodreads, but I really don’t do monthly TBR’s.  I see so many people that do, so I thought it would be fun to discuss this topic.


For me, I’m a mood reader.  If I set a very specific TBR, I am setting myself up for failure.  It also takes away some of the fun of reading and makes it feel more like a chore at times.

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Discussion Post: Why is there so much hate towards certain authors?


I’m still fairly new to Twitter, but I’m definitely seeing a lot of hate on there and Goodreads, so I thought I would start a post about some of what I’m seeing.


I know that not everyone will like the same books.  We all take things differently from them.  Some people read into things more than others.  Some people want things to only be realistic and others are good with knowing that books don’t have to be real or even happy.

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