Wrap Up for the December 2020 TBR and Beyond Challenge


I missed out on one prompt for the challenge.  I have one that’s a bit questionable, too.  The book wasn’t winter themed, but a big part took place in a world where it’s always winter and below freezing.  Hoping that counts enough.

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TBR and Beyond’s December 2020 Challenge


TBR and Beyond has started their December challenge.  This month is “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” and it is a pretty easy one.  You can join HERE.

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Most Anticipated December 2020 YA


December isn’t a super busy month for publishing, but there are a handful of books coming out.  This isn’t everything, just some of the more popular ones.  Dates are from Goodreads, so it’s possible something could be wrong.


* read 


%ARC to read

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