Fabled Unboxing “A Little Danger Dashed With Some Romance”


I’m a bit late getting this up.  I ordered the Stalking Jack the Ripper Fabled Box and loved everything in it.   This is one of my all time favorite series and I couldn’t wait to get this in.  I plan on framing what I can.


There are spoilers for the box below.  Please stop here if you don’t want to see pictures of everything included.



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“Adventures on the High Seas” Wick and Fable June 2019 unboxing


I’m a bit behind on doing my unboxing post.  I love everything ocean, so I knew I had to order this box the second I saw what the theme was.  Adventures on the High Seas!



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November 2018 Flick the Wick Unboxing


The theme for November’s Flick the Wick box was Shadowhunters.  I am terrible because I still need to read the books, but I do love the TV show.  So I had to get this box.


Please stop reading here if you don’t want to see spoilers.  There will be photos of all the items.

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September 2018 Wick and Fable unboxing “Back To Hogwarts”




As soon as I saw the theme for September’s Wick and Fable box, I knew I had to order it.  I finally got it in yesterday and I loved it!


Please stop reading here if you don’t want to see spoilers.  There will be photos of each item.

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July 2018 Flick The Wick Unboxing




The theme for this box was “On The Open Seas”, so I knew I had to get it.  I love ocean/sea themed boxes and a big part of our house is coastal.


Please stop reading now if you don’t want spoilers!  There will be lots of pictures below.

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Wick and Fable Illuminae Files Unboxing




I’ve never purchased a box from Wick and Fable before even though I love their candles.  But this Illuminae Files box was too good to pass up.  And I’m so freaking happy that I got it.  I LOVE everything in it!


There will be spoilers now, so don’t read on if you don’t want to see.



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Bookish Item Haul


I purchased some other non book items recently and wanted to share them.  I like getting these items for decoration on my book shelves and also for taking pictures.  I also purchased some new backdrops and bookmarks.




I ordered two candles (and got a small sample candle) from Flick The Wick.   Alexander-78V from Illuminae Files smells amazing.  Fire, Caramel, Bourbon, and Vanilla.  Lazlo The Dreamer is Garden, Night, Vanilla, and Citrus.  Book Nerd is Blackberrry Lemonade and I would definitely get this is a bigger size.  I love the smell.


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Pop Vinyl and Candle Haul


We recently ordered some new Funko Pop Vinyl and candles.  I thought I would share those today.  The candles are definitely book related.




I purchased a 3 pack of small tin candles from Icey Designs.  This is my second order from them and I love everything.  This time I went with The Hazel Wood, Children of Orisha (Children of Blood & Bone), and It’s Only A Game (Caraval).

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Candle Haul from Icey Designs


Thought I would do something a little different and share my recent candle haul.  I purchased two 2oz candle tin sets from Icey Designs on Etsy.  There were so many scents/books to chose from and it made it kind of hard to decide.  In the end, I ended up picking more based on the books vs the scents.  That way I can use them in photos, too.




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