BOTM YA October 2019 Book Choices


If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you likely know that I’m an affiliate for YA BOTM.   This is just like the regular BOTM, but specifically for young adult books.

This is my link if you’d like to sign up:  Kristi’s Affiliate Link  Thank you to anyone signs up from my link. 


October Choices:

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September 2019’s BOTM YA Choices

I’m an affiliate for BOTM YA and wanted to share the September picks with you today.  Also, if you sign up using my link, I’ll get a small commission.  Also, you can use the code GROW to sign up for $9.99!  

My Sign Up Link


Now for the books you can choose from this month.

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August 2019 Book of the Month YA (BOTM)


I am affiliate for Book of the Month YA.  This is just like the BOTM you already know, but it’s for YA books only.  If you sign up using my link, I will get a small commission.

Join With My Link Here

New members can use the code FLEX to join for $9.99!  I believe you can also sign up under my link to become an affiliate if you’re a booktuber, bookstagrammer or blogger.  If you don’t see the option, let me know and I’ll get you a link.  I get a commission for that, too. 🙂


I’ll be sharing the August choices below.

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