October 2019 Book Haul (I was really, really bad this month.)


To be fair, I was pre-pared to buy a lot in October because I was going to a YA Lit Conference put on by Anderson’s Bookshop.  I buy a lot there to get signed after the event.  Plus, this was a big release month.


I’ll start with ebooks since there aren’t too many of those.



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September 2019 Book Haul (It’s a big one)


I have to start with this.  I was prepared for a lot of books in September.  But seeing them all written down is a bit shocking.  I think October may be just as bad, but we’ll see as the month goes on.




From Publishers:

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June 2019 Book Haul


I was blessed again in June to receive so many incredible books.  I am so grateful for everything sent to me.  And I purchased some, too.  You had to know I would.  I feel no shame, but I am out of room.  Again.


Physical Books:


Sent From Publishers:




Two of these are finished copies and the rest are ARCs.  I’ve read 3 so far.

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May 2019 Book Haul


I did much better with buying this month, but I didn’t include the travel books and atlas I bought in this haul.  Most of what I purchased were pre-orders.  There are still a couple May releases I want to pick up.




Purchased (B&N and Target):



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April 2019 Book Haul


April wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I knew I had quite a few books pre-ordered, but I think a lot of them might be out in May.  So now I’m expecting that one to be bigger.


Physical Books


Sent From Publishers (arcs and finished copies)


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March 2019 Book Haul


I did a little better for March!  By better, I mean that the books fit on one notebook page instead of two.  But still.  It’s less than February.  I’m already worried about April though…



Physical Books From Publishers:


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