September 2019 Blog Stats


September ended up being an amazing month for my blog.  Thank you all so much for visiting, liking, following, and commenting.  Last September was down a lot, so I expended that trend to continue this year.  I’m pleased that it didn’t.


Screenshot 2019-10-01 00.00.33

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June 2019 Blog Stats


As you know, I love watching trends in blog stats, so I share mine every month.  I’m a nerd with statistics and numbers.  June was a little better than May.  The end of the month really picked up a lot.  Please know that all bloggers numbers vary and even though it’s hard, I try not to compare with others (even though I do and then feel bad).


Screenshot 2019-07-01 13.46.42

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March 2019 Blog Stats


March was definitely not a great month for stats, but I did hit one milestone and got over 1500 followers!  So thank you everyone!   I unfortunately expect April to be a slow month.  I’m planning less posts because I’ll be on vacation.  But check back next month and see if I’m right (and maybe you all can prove me wrong).


Screenshot 2019-04-01 10.25.44

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