Bingo & Word Search Wrap Up


I mentioned early March that I was doing two challenges.  I did ok on both, but didn’t finish either card.  There were books I read that just didn’t really fit into the remaining spaces.  But I had fun trying with both of these.


First up was the Women’s History Month Bingo.  We were allowed to use two books per space.  Here is my final (messy) card.


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Joining two challenges/games for March


I have decided to do two challenges for March.  I’m not really changing my books to fit the challenges.  I’m just hoping that I can do ok with what I need to read and review.  I think that most of the books will fit in these challenges anyway.




First one is from Life & Lit on facebook.  This is a women’s history month bingo and each book can count for 2 squares.

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