Across the Void by S.K. Vaughn (promo & book excerpt)




Across The Void by S.K. Vaughn


A visceral space thriller is the landscape for this complicated love story—perfect for fans of Arrival, The Martian and Passengers. Across The Void follows Commander Maryam “May” Knox – the First Rank space pilot chosen to lead the unprecedented research mission to one of Jupiter’s moons, aboard the most advanced vessel to enter space – The Hawking II.

She becomes the sole survivor of a catastrophic accident, leaving her adrift in the void. Depending on her top-notch super elite intelligence and skills, May must survive, with her A.I. companion, as long as possible until she can communicate back to Earth. It is the voice of her estranged husband, Stephen, the NASA scientist who built the ship, who must guide her back home.  The two must leave the past behind in order to survive the void that is now physically between them.

The year is 2067 and May awakens from a medically induced coma — alone, adrift in space on a rapidly failing ship. She has little to no memory of who she is or why she’s there.  Slowly, with the help of her A.I. companion EVE, she pieces together that she’s the captain of The Hawking II  — the innovative, first of its kind ship created by her husband Stephen. She was heading back from a successful first voyage on Europa only  to find that she is the sole survivor of either an accident—or worse, a sabotage —that has decimated her entire crew. With resources running low, and her physical strength severely compromised, May must rely on someone back home to help her. The problem is: everyone thinks she’s dead.

Back on Earth, it’s been weeks since the Hawking II has communicated with NASA, and Dr. Stephen Knox is hopeful that May (his estranged wife) and her crew, are still alive.  May’s decision to participate in the Europa mission, amongst other unfortunate circumstances, strained their marriage past the point of no return. But when he gets word that NASA has received a transmission from May, Stephen is among the first to head the rescue mission.

What he doesn’t know is that not everyone wants May to make it back alive. Featuring a twisting, suspenseful plot combined with relatable and compelling characters, Across the Void is a moving and evocative thriller weaving together space exploration with an entangled romance that readers won’t be able to put down.

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