ARC Check In


My husband recently helped me set up a system to track my arcs better.  It’s been great so far and I wanted to share how I’m doing.


This does show me how many arcs I have for September and October.  I had no idea there were so many!  I’m hoping this system will help me with requesting less, too.  I’ll have to pay better attention to dates.

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Half Year TBR Update


This is the first year I’ve done a yearly TBR POST.  Since we are halfway through the year, I thought I would see how I’m doing.  I’m horrible with sticking to a TBR being a mood reader, but I’m actually not doing too bad.

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June 2019 Wrap Up


I am so happy with my June reading.  I know I read more because of my hand/tendon issues, so I wasn’t able to type online as much.  But I’m really surprised to see how much that helped.  I’m going to try to make a goal of reading an extra hour a day at least a few days a week now.



Killing November  5 stars

Ms Marvel Volume 10  5 stars

A Touch of Gold Audio/Reread  5 stars

Fan The Fame (arc)  4 stars

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April 2019 Wrap Up


I knew my April would be a bit slower with vacation and I wasn’t wrong.  For the first time in as long as I can remember, I didn’t read a single page from a book for days.  I read nothing on vacation unless you count menus and tourist info.  Luckily I read a decent amount before we left and I squeezed in a bit after we got back.



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The 10 Favorite Books I Read in the First Quarter of the Year


This was tough to narrow down and I may change my mind at a later time.  But I narrowed it down to ten books that top my list from January through March (books I read those months).


These are in no particular order.  All were 5 star reads for me.


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Thank you Entangled Teen, Swoon Reads, Macmillan, and Wednesday Books!


Just a quick thank you to some publishers that have recently sent me books.


Entangled Teen:


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