April 2019 Wrap Up


I knew my April would be a bit slower with vacation and I wasn’t wrong.  For the first time in as long as I can remember, I didn’t read a single page from a book for days.  I read nothing on vacation unless you count menus and tourist info.  Luckily I read a decent amount before we left and I squeezed in a bit after we got back.



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The 10 Favorite Books I Read in the First Quarter of the Year


This was tough to narrow down and I may change my mind at a later time.  But I narrowed it down to ten books that top my list from January through March (books I read those months).


These are in no particular order.  All were 5 star reads for me.


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Thank you Entangled Teen, Swoon Reads, Macmillan, and Wednesday Books!


Just a quick thank you to some publishers that have recently sent me books.


Entangled Teen:


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Thank you Bloomsbury and Albert Whitman & Co.


I thought after my last big arc haul that I wouldn’t get anything else this month.  But I was surprised by three more packages last week and I want to thank those publishers.


From Bloomsbury:




Bloomsbury has acquired Leah Thomas’s YA novel, Wild and Crooked. The book stars Kalyn, a killer’s daughter, and Gus, a victim’s son, small-town teens who develop a powerful friendship despite a brutal murder that has long since divided their families.

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10 ARCs I would probably sell my soul to get!


I’ll be honest.  There are a ton of arcs that I would love to have.  My eyes are getting worse, so I really need to take breaks from reading on my kindle and picking up a physical book helps.  I also read them quicker and I love being able to take pictures and hold a book in my hands.  There is nothing better.


I decided to narrow my list down to my top ten.  I didn’t include any books coming out soon, nor did I include any from next fall/winter.  I believe all of these are spring/summer books.  There are a couple that I think are early September.



Swipe Right For Murder by Derek Milman

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Edelweiss vs Netgalley (discussion post)


I wanted to do a discussion post today on two of the most used ARC websites.  I know there are people that aren’t familiar with both.  I have been using Netgalley longer, but I really like Edelweiss, too.  I have some tips to share and thought I could talk about why I like each one.



Netgalley seems to be the more popular website that more people use.  I started using Netgalley well before I started this blog.   I was just reading and reviewing on Goodreads.  But I did notice that I was getting declined for quite a few books.  A couple publishers added that they were only approving for bloggers and not just reviewers anymore.  So having a blog will help.

Netgalley is easy to use.  Definitely fill out your profile and link up all your sites.  Also, update it every so often.  I try to update my profile social media stats every 3-6 months.  I find that this helps.  Publishers really like to see you have an 80% rating if possible.  This gets easier to maintain after you have reviewed so many books.  I’m at 199 reviewed right now, so my percentage doesn’t go up or down much anymore.

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December 2018 Netgalley & Edelweiss Wrap Up




I joined the Netgalley & Edelweiss Challenge hosted by Bookish Things and More.  This is my update for September.


It looks like the Bookish Things & More blog isn’t there anymore.  Does anyone know if someone else took over this challenge?  I haven’t been able to add my links.

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Thank you so much @PenguinTeen! #bookmail


I received two different surprise packages from Penguin Teen and wanted to share them.  I am so very excited (I also have both of these pre-ordered already).  Thank you so much Penguin/Razorbill!


I’m reading this right now as I’m typing and I already love it.



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May 2018 Book Haul


May was a big release month for books, so I’m sure it’s no surprise that my haul is really big again.  I actually took a picture of all the physical books together this time.


But first we’ll start with digital books.





My So-Called Bollywood Life

Nothing Happened (for a blog tour)

The Brightsiders

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