Update on 2020 Yearly Challenges (August added)


I was just going to do the quarterly updates, but I wanted to see how I’m doing before we get closer to the end of the year.  I think I’m ok on everything except audio.  This won’t be too long.


GR:  109   Goal:  100

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2020 Challenges Mid Year Check In


Just a quick update on my yearly challenges.  I’m pretty happy with where I am (except the audiobooks).  I honestly can’t believe half the year is over already.  I have totally failed with updating these on the host pages.  I need to do better.



14 books  Goal 12

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June 2020 Challenge Updates


June was a pretty decent reading month for me (July is not going that way yet).  I’m doing well on all challenges except for audiobooks.  At this point, I will be happy to get one more done for the year.



13 Books

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Quarterly Check In For All My Yearly Challenges


Sorry it’s taken so long to get to this post.  I wanted to check in and see how I’m doing towards each goal.



I’ve read 25 total.  My goal is 30 books.  Looks like I’ll hit that number soon.

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Wrap Up for March 2020 TBR and Beyond Challenge


Just a quick update post on the March 2020 TBR and Beyond Challenge.  I had no set TBR and just found spaces for books as I finished them.  I actually did really well for this one.




I finished two full ropes and almost got a third done.  Did you do this challenge for March?





Wrap Up for the TBR and Beyond Menagerie Board Game Challenge (January and February 2020)


Our most recent challenge for TBR and Beyond was a two month long board game.  These are my favorite, so I rolled for two boards.  I almost rolled a third, but my reading has slowed down a bit since I started having eye issues.


Role One:



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Signing up for the 2020 Year of the Asian Reading Challenge




I have no idea how I forgot to do my sign up post for this in January.  I did this challenge last year and wanted to give it a try again this year.  You can find all the details HERE.  There are 4 blogs hosting this year.

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