2018 Edelweiss & Netgalley Challenge Wrap Up


Back in January 2018, I decided to sign up for this challenge.  If you go back to my post, you’ll see that my goal was to read 25, but I was hoping for gold which was 50.


Here is a breakdown by month on how I did for the year.  I also have monthly post wrap ups if you want to see what I read.

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A look back at my 2018 goals.




2018 was my first full year blogging.  I wasn’t sure how to decide on goals, but I did have some written out.  I thought it would be good to see if I met any of them.


Get 1000 followers on blog.

I am at over 1300 followers right now.

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25 Of My Favorite Covers From 2018


This was a surprisingly hard post to do.  There were so many gorgeous covers in 2018 and I can’t share them all.  So I picked 25 that I really loved.  I’ve read most of these books, but not all of them.  I own almost all of them, too.


These are in no particular order.



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My Favorite Christmas Movies


I will admit that I’m not a big holiday movie person.  It was kind of hard to come up with 10 for this list.  A few of these are movies that I watch every year though.  And since it’s me, a couple of them are horror.  These are in no particular order.




Buddy was a baby in an orphanage who stowed away in Santa’s sack and ended up at the North Pole. Later, as an adult human who happened to be raised by elves, Santa allows him to go to New York City to find his birth father, Walter Hobbs. Hobbs, on Santa’s naughty list for being a heartless jerk, had no idea that Buddy was even born. Buddy, meanwhile, experiences the delights of New York City (and human culture) as only an elf can. When Walter’s relationship with Buddy interferes with his job, he is forced to reevaluate his priorities.

Elf is definitely one of my top 2.  I watch it at least once every holiday season.

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November 2018 Book Haul


I honestly thought my haul for November would be so much smaller.  But I forgot about all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.  Plus, Barnes & Noble had a buy 2 get 1 free sale for graphic novels.  I got a lot of those (but my husband reads them, too).


I’ll start with digital books first.


From Edelweiss:



Let Me Hear A Rhyme by Tiffany Jackson

Fan The Fame by Anna Priemaza

The Raven’s Tale by Cat Winters

Descendant of the Crane by Joan He

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Books I Want To Read By The End Of The Year


I’m not a big fan of making a TBR (the pressure!), but lately I’ve had to write down an arc schedule and group read schedule.  There are so many books I still need to read, but I thought I would share the ones I’m really hoping to get to before the end of the year.


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I hope that everyone who celebrates has a wonderful holiday.  I’m not a huge fan of Thanksgiving, but I do enjoy spending time with family and/or friends and eating a lot of food.


I am thankful for so many things.  Too many to list, but I want you to all know that I am very thankful for you today and everyday.


Enjoy your holiday and I hope some of you find great deals on Black Friday!



Author Event For Marissa Meyer


My husband and I attended a book event recently for Marissa Meyer.  It was hosted by Anderson’s Bookshop, but held outside the store at the local college.  Even though I haven’t read any of Marissa’s books yet (gasp), I knew I couldn’t miss this one.  I have quite a few of her books here, but I only brought one from home.


The event started with a costume contest.  There were quite a few people dressed up.



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My signed books from the YA Lit Conference


This is my final post from the YA Lit Conference.  Promise.  I just thought it would be fun to share all the books I got signed.  This whole post will be pictures.



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