Wrap Up For TBR and Beyond’s June 2020 Challenge


I had a rough month health wise and didn’t do a good job updating on this challenge.  I didn’t color like I normally do.  But I did manage to finish all the prompts.




Did you do this challenge?  Have you read any of these books?




TBR and Beyond’s July and August 2020 Challenge


TBR and Beyond has another board game for the summer!  These are my favorites.  I really hope I can do a couple boards.  If you’d like to join, please sign up HERE.



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June 2020 TBR and Beyond Pride Challenge


For June, we have Dobby Goes To Pride!  There are prompts to finish in order to dress Dobby.  You can join HERE.



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Wrap Up for TBR and Beyond’s May 2020 Challenge


I wasn’t able to finish every reading prompt for May, but I still did well.  I read everything I planned on except one book.



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May 2020 TBR and Beyond Challenge: Middle Grade Mayhem!


I really look forward to Middle Grade May every year and we have a fun new challenge for TBR and Beyond.  You can join the challenge HERE.   You get to pick your team.  I am in the Foxy Assassins Team, so I highly recommend joining that one. 🙂



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Wrap Up for March 2020 TBR and Beyond Challenge


Just a quick update post on the March 2020 TBR and Beyond Challenge.  I had no set TBR and just found spaces for books as I finished them.  I actually did really well for this one.




I finished two full ropes and almost got a third done.  Did you do this challenge for March?





April 2020 TBR and Beyond Challenge


How is it April already?  TBR and Beyond has a mix and match challenge that starts today.  This is a fun one and has a coloring sheet!  You can join the challenge HERE.  You do need to be a TBR and Beyond member (facebook).



To play all you have to do is pick a card (up to two) and read a book with that prompt on it or do the activity on the card.

For the activities, you can still pair it with either a book or another activity. You must show us that you did the activity by placing a photo under the correct spot in the challenge. It will be clearly marked – just ask if you can’t find it.

The cards are up to YOUR interpretation. Example: Magic could be a character that uses magic or a magical land …. Just use your imagination!

Prize this month will be any book from Book Depository (up to $15 US).

Prize Entries –
Each book read is worth one entry.
Each activity is worth two entries.
Finish the game – 5 extra entries.

Extra Entry Chances:
Color your actual cards – Two extra entries
Read a TBR and Beyond group book – Love Boat, Taipei by Abagail Hing Wen, The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller or House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas – Three extra entries per book. If you read all books in April you will get a bonus and get 10 extra entries altogether.

– We maybe have one or two more ways to earn entries as time the month goes on, so keep an eye out for that.

Hopefully this is a fun, challenge and don’t worry if you can’t do it all. This is was just meant to be something to keep us distracted while we are all stuck inside!


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Wrap Up for the TBR and Beyond Menagerie Board Game Challenge (January and February 2020)


Our most recent challenge for TBR and Beyond was a two month long board game.  These are my favorite, so I rolled for two boards.  I almost rolled a third, but my reading has slowed down a bit since I started having eye issues.


Role One:



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Wrap up for the TBR and Beyond’s December 2019 Challenge


I failed this one pretty bad.  I just don’t read many holiday or winter books, so I had a feeling I wouldn’t complete it.  I still wanted to share how I did.



Did you do this challenge?  Do you read a lot of holiday books?