Challenge Updates for October 2020


Just a quick post today with my challenge numbers for October.  I’m not sure if I’ll do as many next year since I’m horrible with updating on the blogs and just end up posting here.  I do like challenging myself though.

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November 2020 TBR and Beyond Challenge “Crime Detective Agency”


TBR and Beyond has a really cool challenge for November.  You can join HERE.



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Wrap Up for the September 2020 TBR and Beyond Challenge


I came so close to finishing the Random Ass Word Book Challenge.  I ended up having two words left (circus, dress).

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TBR and Beyond’s October Challenge “All Hallow’s Eve”


I love October and the events never disappoint me.  TBR and Beyond is doing a team challenge for October.  I’m hoping to read some mystery/thrillers.  Maybe horror, too? 



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Update on 2020 Yearly Challenges (August added)


I was just going to do the quarterly updates, but I wanted to see how I’m doing before we get closer to the end of the year.  I think I’m ok on everything except audio.  This won’t be too long.


GR:  109   Goal:  100

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September 2020 Challenge for TBR and Beyond (facebook group)

Most of you already know about TBR and Beyond since I post our monthly games here.  Please make sure to check out the facebook group if you haven’t already.


For September, we’re doing a word search.

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Wrap Up for TBR and Beyond’s Two Month Challenge (July and August 2020)

Board games are my favorite when we have them for TBR and Beyond.   Our last challenge lasted for two months.  I rolled three boards since I knew I would be reading a lot.  I barely finished in time, but I did get all three done.

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