January 2020 Yearly Challenge Updates


I’m a bit late with my updates, but I’m having a lot of health issues right now.  I still wanted to get something small up with how I’m doing so far.



7 for January with 1 for the mini monthly challenge. My goal is 30 books with 1-4 for the mini challenge.

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Signing up for the 2020 Year of the Asian Reading Challenge




I have no idea how I forgot to do my sign up post for this in January.  I did this challenge last year and wanted to give it a try again this year.  You can find all the details HERE.  There are 4 blogs hosting this year.

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Signing Up for the 2020 Diversity Reading Challenge


I was happy to come across this challenge recently and knew I had to sign up.  I try really hard to read diverse books, but I can always use a push to read even more.  This challenge is hosted by Celebrity Readers and you can find all the details HERE.



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Wrap Up for all 2019 Yearly Challenges


I joined quite a few challenges in 2019 after only really doing things like the Goodreads one.  I’m happy to say that I did really well with them (except linking up my updates, oops).  I have decided to join even more for 2020.


I realized that my GR and my numbers aren’t 100%.  Sometimes their page count was wrong and they counted my 3 book audiobook as 1 instead of 3.  Just wanted to explain that because I’ll be sharing my GR’s stuff on Saturday.

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December 2019 Yearly Challenge Wrap Up

I’m going to keep this short since I’ll be doing a yearly challenge wrap up post soon.

For December:

Goodreads:  13

Pages Read:  4,114

New Release:  3

Audio:  1

Asian:  2


I do know that I met all my goals for the year.





Wrap up for the TBR and Beyond’s December 2019 Challenge


I failed this one pretty bad.  I just don’t read many holiday or winter books, so I had a feeling I wouldn’t complete it.  I still wanted to share how I did.



Did you do this challenge?  Do you read a lot of holiday books?






Joining the 2020 Series To Finish Challenge


This might be a tougher challenge for me, but I know some final books will be coming out in 2020 and I’d love to read an older series.  I thought this challenge might push me a bit more.  You can find the info HERE.



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