Apollo Salvatoir by Hiram J Bertoch (promo)



Apollo Salvatoir by Hiram J Bertoch

Two Ordinary Children, One Extraordinary Destiny!

Apollo Salvatoir is a fun and fast-paced coming-of-age saga that follows the lives of two children as they discover their destinies.

Apollo Enrico Salvatoir was born into a life of privilege and fame. A growing business empire leads his father to hand off responsibility for raising Apollo to strangers who may not have Apollo’s best interest at heart. Apollo’s best friend is a girl named Ling. Who comes from a family that is obsessed with the Salvatoirs and that has a mysterious past.

These best friends find themselves abandoned in a world that is not as safe as the one they grew up in. Surrounded by aggressive and potentially dangerous strangers. They must now overcome prejudice and culture to survive in an unfamiliar environment. Both children must learn to master their minds and bodies while overcoming their fear.

In this expansive tale, filled with heart friendship and discovery, their destinies intertwine and eventually alter the lives of millions of innocent people.

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If You, Then Me by Yvonne Woon (book excerpt)




If You, Then Me by Yvonne Woon


What would you ask your future self? First question: What does it feel like to kiss someone?

Xia is stuck in a lonely, boring loop. Her only escapes are Wiser, an artificial intelligence app she designed to answer questions like her future self, and a mysterious online crush she knows only as ObjectPermanence.

And then one day Xia enrolls at the Foundry, an app incubator for tech prodigies in Silicon Valley.

Suddenly, anything is possible. Flirting with Mast, a classmate also working on AI, leads to a date. Speaking up generates a vindictive nemesis intent on publicly humiliating her. And running into Mitzy Erst, Foundry alumna and Xia’s idol, could give Xia all the answers.

And then Xia receives a shocking message from ObjectPermanence: He is at the Foundry, too. Xia is torn between Mast and ObjectPermanence—just as Mitzy pushes her towards a shiny new future. Xia doesn’t have to ask Wiser to know: The right choice could transform her into the future self of her dreams, but the wrong one could destroy her.

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Book Promo for Escaping Eleven by Jerri Chisholm


Escaping Eleven -banner


I have some info about an exciting upcoming release to share today.   Escaping Eleven by Jerri Chisholm is going to be released by Entangled Teen on December 8th, 2020.  You can pre-order now from any major retailer.


Escaping Eleven - 1600

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Promo for Sword of the Seven Sins by Emily Colin (excerpt)




Eva Marteinn never wanted to be a killer.

Raised in the Commonwealth, where citizens live and die by the code of the Seven Sins, Eva is sickened by the barbaric punishments the High Priests inflict. She sees the Bellators of Light, the Commonwealth’s executioners, as no more than conscienceless killers.

When she’s Chosen as the first female bellator—and can’t refuse, on threat of exile or disgrace—Eva is devastated. But she turns out to be inordinately gifted at the very role she abhors…no thanks to her mentor, Ari Westergaard, who alternates between ignoring her and challenging her to impossible tests.

Ari’s indifference conceals a dangerous secret: He’s loved Eva since they were children. When Eva falls for Ari too, she knows they should do anything to avoid each other. Love is forbidden. Lust is a death sentence. But as mentor and apprentice, they’re bound by the blood oath they swore the day of Eva’s Choosing.

Balanced on a razor’s edge of desire and betrayal, the two uncover a secret that could overturn the Commonwealth itself. Now Eva must make an impossible choice: Turn her back on Ari, and remain loyal to the only home she’s ever known—or risk everything on the slim hope of freedom, and stake her life on the boy she’s come to love.

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Shielded by KayLynn Flanders (Promo and guest post)


I was thrilled to hear from KayLynn about doing a post for my blog.  I’m really excited for Shielded (have it pre-ordered), and I can’t wait to read it!


Shielded hi-res cover

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Author Guest Post for Love, Jacaranda by Alex Flinn


I was thrilled to have Alex contact me for this book.  My review will be coming closer to the release date.  I’ve already read it and definitely recommend it.  Love, Jacaranda will be out in July.



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The Ride by Nancy Cathers Demme (promo and excerpt)


I was contacted by this author to review The Ride.  I unfortunately didn’t have time to review, but offered to do a promo post instead.   I have an excerpt to share with you today.


The Ride Cover (11)

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Promo for Born To Run (Last Pick #2) by Jason Walz


I was able to do a promo post for Last Pick for Jason Walz last year, so I was really happy to hear from him for the second book.


42642056 (1)


Last Pick: Born to Run by Jason Walz

Four years ago, aliens kidnapped most of mankind, leaving behind those they deemed unworthy—the “last picked.”

The future for Sam is bleak and unthinkable. A galaxy away from her twin brother, she is a pawn in the aliens’ bloody civil war. But with her new friend Mia, Sam has found a way to resist her captors and hold onto her humanity.

Back on Earth, Sam’s twin, Wyatt, is leading a resistance of his own. With a ragtag army of the old, the young, and the disabled, he has a plan to bring the fight to his alien captors. But to defeat the aliens, Wyatt may need to befriend one.

“An extraordinary sequel that is thrilling, inclusive, and unforgettable.”―Kirkus Reviewstarred review

Paperback, 240 pages
Expected publication: October 8th 2019 by First Second

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