Roshani Chokshi book signing at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, IL


I was hesitant to make plans a week after vacation (I always need time to recover and catch up).  But when I saw Roshani was coming to Naperville, there was no way I would pass it up.  She was there Sunday, April 28th, 2019.  The event was for Aru Shah and the Song of the Dead.



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Author Event For Marissa Meyer


My husband and I attended a book event recently for Marissa Meyer.  It was hosted by Anderson’s Bookshop, but held outside the store at the local college.  Even though I haven’t read any of Marissa’s books yet (gasp), I knew I couldn’t miss this one.  I have quite a few of her books here, but I only brought one from home.


The event started with a costume contest.  There were quite a few people dressed up.



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My signed books from the YA Lit Conference


This is my final post from the YA Lit Conference.  Promise.  I just thought it would be fun to share all the books I got signed.  This whole post will be pictures.



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Anderson’s YA Lit Conference 2018 (part two)


Thank you for coming back to check out part two for my YA Lit Conference post.  I didn’t want to make one super long post.  If you missed part one, it was posted on Saturday.


After lunch, there was a second breakout session.  This time we chose to go to Fantastical Historical Fiction.  I admit I’m not generally a huge fan of YA fiction, but I wanted to go to Annie’s panel.  And my husband liked The Last Magician and wanted to listen to Lisa again (we saw her last year, too).



This panel was Lisa Maxwell, Joanna Hathaway, Stephanie Hemphill, and Annie Sullivan.  Just like the last one, I went and bought more books.  Joanna’s wasn’t out yet, so I wasn’t able to get anything from her signed.  Dark West is her debut.  I really enjoyed this panel and it actually made me want to read more YA historical fiction.

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Anderson’s YA Lit Conference 2018 (part one)


My husband and I attended the YA Lit Conference at Anderson’s in Naperville, IL.  This was our second year attending.  I didn’t take as many notes as last year, but I have enough to make this two posts.  Please check back on Monday for part two.


The event started at 7:15 am for a continental breakfast.  This is rough for me because I generally don’t go to bed until 2am and we’re over an hour away.  But we got there right on time and went to the bookstore they had set up.

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Belles and Brujas Book Event with Dhonielle Clayton and Zoraida Cordova


It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to a book event, but I was able to attend the Belles and Brujas tour at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, IL.  This event was Saturday June 9th and it was so much fun.



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TBR and Beyond Author Schedule


I am a moderator in the facebook group TBR and Beyond.  The group has been making a lot of exciting announcements lately.  We have a bunch of authors already in our group as members and now we have some coming in on specific dates for live chats about their books.  I wanted to share the upcoming schedule with you.  That way you can join the group and participate.  We also have group reads, games, readathons, etc.  It’s a really fun group.



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