TBR and Beyond November 2021 Challenge


We have another fun game for TBR and Beyond this month!  You can join HERE.



The Rules:


Halloween is over and it’s now time to sort and eat our candy!!!
This month’s challenge is a Sugar Rush one.
You’ll need 2 graphics for this one:
Graphic 1 – is the one with the bag and candy
Graphic 2 – is the one with the prompts
How to play?
On the bag and candy graphic, pick a candy. Colour it in and then go to the graphic with the prompts on it. Find the matching candy and read a book that meets the prompt.
You can double up ONCE on prompts.
The graphics for the challenge is attached to this post, as well as in the general group. Feel free to print it out and mark it up as you please.
Prize this month will be any book from Book Depository (up to $15 US).
Prize Entries –
Each book read – 1 entry.
Finish 5 prompts – 5 extra entries.
Finish 12 prompts – 50 extra entries
Extra Entry Chances:
Read a group read for a prompt – 10 extra entries
Colour the bag and candy graphic page – 5 extra entries
We may have one or two more ways to earn entries as the month goes on, so keep an eye out for that.
Here are the prompts
Nerds – read a book that was adapted to TV or film
Reese’s – read a book written by multiple authors
Kit Kat – read a book with multiple POVs
M&M – read a murder mystery
Milky Way – read a book set in space
Smarties – read a book set in a school
Twizzlers – read a book with a twist
Twix – read a book that is part of a duology
Skittles – read a book with an LGBTQIA+ main character
Junior Mints – read a Middle Grade book
Hershey’s – read a classic
Snickers – read a book that makes you laugh

Are you joining the challenge for November?  Do you have a set TBR?





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