Our May 2021 San Diego Trip


It was so nice to be able to travel again.  This should have been our 2020 trip and I’m just so glad we were finally able to go.  In fact, I just booked another visit in September for my birthday.  It’s getting harder and harder to come back home.  I thought I would share some pictures and things we did.


We stayed at The Dana in Mission Bay and this was the view between our blinds.


Our first day there, we went to eat at Luigi’s at the Beach (tradition), walked around Mission Beach, checked into the hotel, and went to a Padres game.



I seriously hate selfies, but still thought I’d share.  We already look tired.  I only slept a few hours total and this was around 6pm.  We were sitting in the vaccinated section and had to show our cards.



We had amazing seats.  We were in the fourth row in this section.  So worth it.  This was somehow our first ever baseball game together and we’ve been married for 20 years.





On our second day, my husband, Jesse, had a surf lesson that I surprised him with.  I was just going to hang at Mission Beach which is just over a mile from the hotel.  But I decided to walk all the way down to Pacific Beach where his lesson was.  Nothing like starting the day with an over 2 mile walk.  But it was awesome.  I was able to find some coffee and he was finishing up.  After that, we went to the Tide Pools in La Jolla, ate lunch at Puesto (highly recommend), and went to Birch Aquarium.  We did a Target run and ate a late dinner in our room.






Definitely should have tried the new Go Pro before we got there.  He’s a nice blurry picture of me.














The following day was a full day trip to Joshua Tree.  It was close to a 3 hour drive, but so worth it.  I want to go back again.









Our last day was spent shopping, swimming at Pacific Beach, going to Liberty Market to eat, visiting Imperial Beach, and driving around in the area by the border.






Decided to try the Go Pro out in the water.





If you’re like me, you enjoy seeing food pics, so I’m going to make another post for those soon.  We always eat a lot of great food.  We left on a Tuesday morning and got back Saturday morning.  It was such a great trip.


Have you been to San Diego?  Have you gone on vacation this year?











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My name is Kristi and I review books and mod on TBR and Beyond on Facebook. I love to travel and go to concerts. I've been married for over 20 years. I listen to a lot of pop punk. Otherwise, I'm pretty boring. We do have four grandchildren now and try to see them monthly since they don't live close. I read mostly YA and adult mystery/thrillers. I also read a lot of middle grade and some adult romance. You can also find me on facebook, twitter, and instagram (don't post often).

17 thoughts on “Our May 2021 San Diego Trip”

  1. I’ve never had a chance to go to San Diego. The only place I’ve been in California is San Francisco twice. But now I want to visit. Your pictures are so cool! Glad you enjoyed your trip ❤️

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  2. I’ve never been to San Diego (living in NYC, its a little far lol) but I hope to visit one day – and I’ve always wanted to go to San Diego Comic Con! Looks like you had an amazing trip!! I’ve only done roadtrips since the pandemic, I miss traveling further!

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