May 2021 Event for TBR and Beyond (Middle Grade Mayhem)


I get so excited for the TBR and Beyond May challenge every year.  It’s always middle grade and so much fun.  We will have teams for this one.  You can join HERE.


This is the team I’m on, but there are coloring pages for each team.




The Rules:


This month “May’s Middle-Grade Mayhem!” event is all about journeying to Magical Lands. The prompts for the challenge will be in the comments below, as well in the general group. There is also TONS of recommendations. Feel free to print it out and mark it up as you please.
YES, your reads must be in the middle-grade category!
This month is a battle – there are THREE teams to choose from. Once you are assigned a team, you can start working on your reading prompts (on May 1st), which will earn points for you and your entire team. The team with the most points at the end of the month wins!
There will be two winners this month – Prize this month will be any book from Book Depository (up to $15 US). The winners will be randomly drawn from the winning team.
Prize Entries –
Each book read is worth 1 points
Bonus Prompts are worth 2 points
Each activity is worth 5 points
Bonus activities are worth 10 points EXTRA
Finish the game – 20 points EXTRA
Here are the prompts and activities:
Reading Prompts: 1PTS each
– Read a book with your favourite colour on the cover
– Read a Middle Grade Fantasy or Sci-Fi
– Read a Middle Grade Debut
– Read an admin/mod favourite Middle Grade
– Read a book by an Asian or Pacific Islander author
– Read a spooky or paranormal Middle Grade
– Read a Middle Grade with a 3 word title
– Read a book that showcases a friendship
– Read a Middle Grade graphic novel
– Read a Middle Grade released prior to 2021
Bonus Prompts: 2PTS each
– Read one of our Middle Grade reads
– Read a Middle Grade mystery
Activity prompts: 5PTS + extra PTS as mentioned
– Post a picture of your favourite cartoon character
– Read outside and post a picture
– Colour your team’s colouring page. Extra 10 points for each of the two other teams page
– Post a photo of your current Middle Grade read. Extra 10 points for posting it on Instagram with TBR hashtag #tbrandbeyond





Will you be joining the challenge?  What team do you want to be on?  





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