Review of Archenemies and Supernova by Marissa Meyer (hardcover)



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I’m not going to add the book info since these are sequels.  I don’t want to ruin Renegades for anyone that hasn’t read it yet.  I did include the Goodreads link to Archenemies though.




These reviews will have spoilers for book one, Renegades.


Archenemies was a great book two. It didn’t feel like filler or a set up for something. There was so much going on and the pacing was excellent.

There are spoilers from book one below.

Nova and Adrian are getting closer. For Nova, it is a job. But Adrian is starting to get to her. She actually starts to like some of the Renegades and feels conflicted right after. I think she feels like she has to destroy them all to get the revenge she wants. Nova is now trying to find a way to steal Ace’s helmet. Adrian hasn’t been dressing as the Sentinel much and Nightmare is thought to be dead. We get a bit more from Ruby and Oscar in this one. Can they please end up together? There is also so much more with Max.

I definitely felt the build up towards the end of the book and I’m dying to find out what will happen in the third book.



Supernova was a great final book from this trilogy. I felt good with the ending and it felt like it could have a spin off at some point. Either way, the ending was good and frustrating to me. I would love a bit more about the person (no name/spoilers). The pacing was great throughout. I was sad about some of the deaths.

I can’t really get into this one much since the world and characters are pretty much the same. I wanted to smack both Nova and Adrian at times, but still hoped they would be together. Oscar got to be even more adorable with his love for Ruby. They were definitely my favorite couple. Max played a pretty large part in this one. We also got a bit more from the villains again which I liked. The book is big, but it still felt like a fairly quick read. I took longer than I should have, but it was election week…

Overall, I loved this book and the series. Each one got 4 1/2 stars from me.



Have you read this series yet?  Is it on your TBR?





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