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The Beast of Bites by Coyote Peterson


Our vision is to revolutionize how people learn about and interact with the natural world, while inspiring the conservation of our planet for current and future generations, by becoming the epicenter of animal and adventure-based entertainment. To that end, we will use innovative technology to create family-friendly products and attractions to maximize our audiences’ appreciation of nature. Now more than ever it is important to shine light on some of the most amazing and at-risk species on the planet and how we can all be better advocates of our environment and its inhabitants.


We want to teach our audience stewardship for the natural world by sharing our love and passion for wildlife and everything that is the great outdoors. However, doing so will often require our team to explore delicate environments and encounter species living a fragile existence. To achieve this goal, while ensuring the least disturbance, we are dedicated to:

  • Safety for ourselves and our animal co-stars as a top priority at all times.
  • Putting as little stress as possible on any animal filmed, and never doing any harm.
  • Leaving no trace in the environments which we visit.
  • Respect the peoples and cultures around the globe that welcome us into their homes to learn and be inspired.
  • Being an agent of positivity and awareness for all of nature and fellow human beings.
  • Presenting content that is scientifically sound and driven by our passion to educate.
  • Leaving a small impact with our footprints but a lasting impression with our creativity.

When mistakes are made, we will correct them to our utmost ability as respect and care for the natural world remains a top priority.


Animal Planet star and Emmy Award-winning host of YouTube’s Brave Wilderness Coyote Peterson is back, and this time he’s being BITTEN by some of Earth’s wildest beasts in this full-color adventure, perfect for fans of The King of Sting and all animal enthusiasts.


In The Beast of Bites, Coyote chronicles his most memorable–and painful–bites from his wildest animal encounters seen on the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel. Coyote faces everything from snapping turtle chomps to the horrific, venomous grasp of a giant desert centipede. Featuring photographic stills from episodes, original full-color illustrations, and packed with facts about nature’s most misunderstood creatures, this is a dream book for any kid that loves animals, the great outdoors, and daringly dangerous adventures!



By Coyote Peterson

On-Sale: September 15, 2020

Little, Brown and Co. Books for Young Readers; $18.99; Paperback; 304 pgs; ISBN-13: 9780316461108



National Media Appearances 

 CONAN AIRED interview with Coyote “Coyote Peterson introduces Conan O’Brien and Jeff Goldblum to some creatures” 

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert AIRED interview with Coyote “Coyote Peterson Introduces Some Adorable Australian Animals” 

Good Morning America AIRED interview with Coyote and Keke Palmer “Michael’s wild encounter with a giant snake” 

The Kelly Clarkson Show AIRED interview with Coyote Peterson “Jim Carrey Pretends He’s Ace Ventura While Meeting Wild Animals with Coyote Peterson” 

CBS New York AIRED interview “Coyote Peterson brings animals” 

Live with Kelly and Ryan AIRED interview with Coyote Peterson 

KTLA 5 AIRED interview with Coyote “Coyote Peterson talks dangerous bites” 

CBS 8 AIRED interview with Coyote “Coyote Peterson discusses being stung by a murder hornet” 

Cheddar TV AIRED interview with Coyote “Wildlife expert Takes on New Adventures in the Animal Kingdom”



CoyotePeterson_byJordan Engle



Emmy Award-winning host of YouTube’s Brave Wilderness and star of the new Animal Planet series Brave the Wild, Coyote Peterson has spent his life getting up close with animals to uncover the true stories behind some of our planet’s most misunderstood creatures. His passion for wildlife is driven by a desire to educate the world about animals and to foster a future that conserves environments and their species. His love for writing always finds him honing the craft of telling another great adventure that he can share with audiences of all ages, especially those that love animals!


Photo credit: Jordan Engle

Connect with Coyote

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