Most Anticipated October 2020 YA


How is it almost October already?  This year has dragged a lot, but now I feel like it’s speeding up.  I think I’m just ready for 2020 to be over.


Below are some of the October releases for YA (mostly).   I can’t add them all, but I try to pick books that I think will be popular and also the ones I can’t wait for.




%still have to read arc


October 6th:


Broken Wish

One Way Or Another

Kingdom of Sea and Stone




Girl on the Run

I Hope You’re Listening  % (reading asap)



The Shadow Mission

The Lives of Saints

Five Total Strangers

Into the Real


The Code for Love and Heartbreak

Something Happened to Ali Greenleaf

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue (adult)  %

Spell Starter



October 13th and 15th:


Winter White and Wicked

The Truth Project

Daughters of Jubilation

You Know I’m No Good


The Deep Blue Between

Come On In

This Is All Your Fault

Beyond the Ruby Veil


Lightbringer  $

A Golden Fury   (may be getting an arc soon)



October 20th:


Among the Beasts & Briars 

The Brightest Night

Rebel Sisters

God Storm



You Were Never Here

My Heart Underwater



October 27th:


Kingdom of the Wicked  $

Magic Dark and Strange

Warriors of Wing and Flame



That’s 36 books for October.  Luckily this is a month that doesn’t excite me too much and I don’t have many ordered.  I’m sure I’ll end up buying more like I normally do.


What books are you most looking forward to next month?  Have you read any of these?






Author: confessionsofayareader

I'm Kristi. I'm a wife, mom, and grandma. I have been breeding leopard geckos for ten years. I love to read and have been trying to review more books (the reason for this blog besides wanting to talk about books with everyone). I also love music and going to concerts, mostly punk and pop punk.

20 thoughts on “Most Anticipated October 2020 YA”

  1. Oh wow there are a good amount of books I am not familiar with. I am very interested just from the cover alone. I have had my eye on Girl on the Run, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, Among the Beasts & Briars , and Kingdom of the Wicked. So can’t wait to pick those up. I am definitely going to be looking into the summaries for some of these other books.

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  2. Great post! There were quite a few that I haven’t seen before and now my TBR pile has grown once again 😊 I liked the cover of Winter White and Wicked and thought that sounded like a great winter read. Since I dislike winter and battling snow/ice, I thought this book might ease some of the pain.

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  3. The one I’m most looking forward to is Kingdom of the Wicked and I already have it preordered. Some of the books you shared definitely look interesting. I’m going to have to look into some of them and see if they interest me.

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