Most Anticipated September 2020 Young Adult Releases


September is a massive month for book releases.  It usually seems to be, but this one is huge.  A lot of the covid pushed books are finally coming out.  Prepare to be broke for the month…


As always, this isn’t everything.  I tried to pick books I’m excited for along with others that I think will be popular.  Dates were taken from Goodreads, so they can possibly be wrong.  They’ve missed a few updates.




%arc to read


September 1st:


Blood & Honey $

Queen of Volts % $

Fable %

Cemetery Boys * $


As the Shadow Rises % $

The Lost Book of the White


Kingdom of Flesh and Fire


Punching the Air  $

Recommended For You

Beast Boy  %

Fly Girls Lux:  The New Girl


Throwaway Girls  % (I think)

Not Your #Lovestory


Gold Wings Rising



None Shall Sleep  $

We Are Not Free



September 8th:


Nobody Knows But You  % (I think, really need to update my arc log)

Charming As A Verb

The Summer of Everything

These Vengeful Hearts


Night Shine

When Villains Rise

The Other Side of the Sky

Iron Heart



September 15th:


Making Friends With Alice Dyson  % (not requested)

Legendborn  $ %

Grown  $ %



K Pop Confidential



Never Look Back


Even If We Break

Watch Over Me

Who I Was With Her

Each Of Us A Desert  $



September 22nd:


The Afterlife of the Party  %

Far From Normal

Early Departures

Smash It  %


The Left-Handed Booksellers of London

White Fox  %

Everybody Looking

Miss Meteor  $


How It All Blew Up

Maya and the Rising Dark  *

A Curse of Gold  $  %


Vampires Never Get Old  %

The Silvered Serpents  $ %




September 29th:


A Deadly Education (adult)


Fence Striking Distance



Crown Chasers

A Neon Darkness




All This Time

Dear Justyce

The Inheritance Games



That is 63 books for September.  I also realized that I requested more books than I can possibly read right now.  Oops.  I was doing better.  I also have a lot ordered.


Which books are you most looking forward to in September?  Have you read any of these?





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29 thoughts on “Most Anticipated September 2020 Young Adult Releases”

  1. September is always a great month for books! I’m super excited about A Deadly Education and Maya and the Rising Dark, and there’s quite a few here that I’ll be adding to be TBR list. Happy reading!!

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