Review of This Coven Won’t Break by Isabel Sterling (hardcover)


This is a book two.  Spoilers for book one below.


This Coven Won’t Break  by Isabel Sterling

In this gripping, romantic sequel to These Witches Don’t Burn, Hannah must work alongside her new girlfriend to take down the Hunters desperate to steal her magic.

Hannah Walsh just wants a normal life. It’s her senior year, so she should be focusing on classes, hanging out with her best friend, and flirting with her new girlfriend, Morgan. But it turns out surviving a murderous Witch Hunter doesn’t exactly qualify as a summer vacation, and now the rest of the Hunters seem more intent on destroying her magic than ever.

When Hannah learns the Hunters have gone nationwide, armed with a serum capable of taking out entire covens at once, she’s desperate to help. Now, with witches across the country losing the most important thing they have—their power—Hannah could be their best shot at finally defeating the Hunters. After all, she’s one of the only witches to escape a Hunter with her magic intact.

Or so everyone believes. Because as good as she is at faking it, doing even the smallest bit of magic leaves her in agony. The only person who can bring her comfort, who can make her power flourish, is Morgan. But Morgan’s magic is on the line, too, and if Hannah can’t figure out how to save her—and the rest of the Witches—she’ll lose everything she’s ever known. And as the Hunters get dangerously close to their final target, will all the Witches in Salem be enough to stop an enemy determined to destroy magic for good?




This is a book two.


I really loved this ending to the series.  I don’t think there is anything else I could have wanted.  The pacing and writing were great.  There was romance, but it added to the story instead of distracting from the plot.  I love all the characters in both books.


Veronica moved away and Hannah is trying to deal with the death of her father.  Both lost their magic for awhile.  Hannah’s is back, but she gets pains when she tries to use it.  She doesn’t want to tell anyone about it.  She needs to be a part of the mission to destroy the Hunter’s drug.  She’s given orders from an Elder, so her mom cant’ stop her.  She tried though.  So many times.  I really like her mom.


Hannah is working with Archer and Cal to recruit a couple witches that can help them.  Alice is a blood witch and David is a castor.  They’re both needed for specific reasons, but neither would listen when the Elder spoke to them.  The first one Hannah has to visit is Alice.  She brings Morgan along for help.  For some reason, Hannah’s magic works when Morgan is there.  The coven is still struggling to trust Morgan and her family, but they need them right now.  I don’t want to talk about the trips too much, so I’ll leave it with that.


Gemma is still an amazing friend.  First to Hannah, and now to Morgan.  Hannah is always worried since Regs can’t know about witches.  But Gemma is trustworthy and she loves that she doesn’t have to hide herself anymore.  Hannah is also being prepped for Benton’s trial.  She keeps seeing him everywhere, especially at school.  There is a lot of ptsd affecting Hannah.  Benton’s parents are still out there with a drug that can remove magic.  There’s a lot of pressure on Hannah, but she’s strong and is getting through it all.  I should mention the romance for a minute.  Hannah and Morgan are such a great couple.  Morgan is supportive and caring.  Hannah still struggles with trust and intimacy because of Veronica, but Morgan is very different.


I gave this book 5 stars.


Warnings for PTSD, death of a parent, fire, and blood magic.



Have you read These Witches Don’t Burn?  Do you plan on reading This Coven Wont’ Break?  Or have you read both already?









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