Most Anticipated June 2020 YA Releases


I checked all these dates on Goodreads, but it’s always possible something changed or will change.  It’s been a bit harder to keep up with release dates, but I think I found quite a few that I think people are going to be excited for.




%ARC to read


June 2nd:


A Song of Wraiths and Ruin  *  (will be buying soon)

The Unready Queen  *

Divine Blood


My Calamity Jane

A Song Below Water



The State of Us

Queen’s Peril

You Should See Me In A Crown

Fractures   *



June 9th:


The Boundless

The Shadow Wand

Rage and Ruin  *$



June 16th:


I’ll Be The One

You Say It First



June 23rd:


Forest of Souls  $

Sisters of Sword & Song  *

Seasons of the Storm

Hunted By The Sky


My Eyes Are Up Here

This Is What Unbreakable Looks Like

Rebel Sky

Deadly Curious   *



July 30th:



I Killed Zoe Spanos   & *

Goddess in the Machine



I’m actually caught up on June ARCs unless I receive something last minute.  There are 26 books that I included this month, but there are obviously a lot more coming out.


What are you most looking forward to in June?  Have you read any of these?  Have any ordered?





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22 thoughts on “Most Anticipated June 2020 YA Releases”

      1. So it’s actually not exactly what I was expecting. It’s not pure fantasy like I thought it would be. It’s actually set in our modern world – more like urban fantasy. But still has some mythology elements like Chronos and Gaia. I’m not sure if that was the best choice for a story like this, but we’ll see once I’ve finished reading it 🙂 The overall premise is fascinating.


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