Review of Cloak of Night by Evelyn Skye


This is a book two, so there are spoilers for Circle of Shadows (book one) below.



Cloak of Night by Evelyn Skye

After the devastating Ceremony of Two Hundred Hearts, Sora, Daemon, Fairy, and Broomstick are truly alone in the fight to save their kingdom. Empress Aki is missing, and everyone else who could help them is a prisoner to the Dragon Prince’s mind control.

At least Sora understands what they’re up against. Or so she believes, until she overhears the Dragon Prince bargaining with the god of war for immortality and learns that ryuu magic may be a more insidious danger than she realized.

Suddenly, the stakes are higher and even more personal for Sora—not only must she stop a seemingly indestructible Prince Gin, but she must also unravel the secrets of ryuu magic before it is too late for nearly everyone she loves.

And as Sora, Daemon, Fairy, and Broomstick face dangerous obstacles at every turn, the greatest challenge may be discovering who they truly are, and what, if anything, they are capable of.




Cloak of Night was a great follow up to Circle of Shadows. The characters I loved were back and there was a new character in this one. I adored him. The pacing was great and I really enjoyed the magic.


Empress Aki was captured by her brother, Prince Gin. He’s keeping her alive for now, but using torture to punish her. Gin is going by Emperor Gin now and is in control of Kichona. Gin wants more power. He summons a bad God and asks for help. The plan is to capture the leader from all the kingdoms and give the hearts to the God. In return, he’ll be immortal in Evermore. Gin uses his powers to create an army loyal to him. The only ones not affected are Sora, Daemon, Fairy, and Broomstick. They managed to get away, but they’re at a loss on what to do. They know they need to find Aki and they need to kill Gin.


The four start asking for Daemon’s likely God father to help. Someone else shows up and reminds Daemon about his life before. Daemon has to learn how to use his powers to be useful to the group. They come up with multiple plans that change often when another obstacle presents itself. They also find out something very dangerous about the ryuu magic and what it means for their souls.


The group splits up at times, but the Gemina bonds keep them connected. Hana is still Gin’s number two, but she finds herself questioning things about him and what he really wants.


The book had action from start to finish (mostly). There was a lot of Daemon and Sora thinking about their feelings for each other. But mostly, it was magic, fighting, and risking everything to save Kichona from Gin.


I gave this book 5 stars. Warnings for violence/death, family issues, and a mention of suicide (doesn’t happen).



Have you read Cloak of Night?  If not, have you read Circle of Shadows?  What did you think of it?






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