Review of Camp Spirit by Axelle Lenoir (earc)



Camp Spirit by Axelle Lenoir

Summer camp is supposed to be about finding nirvana in a rock garden… But Elodie prefers Nirvana and Soundgarden. Can she confront rambunctious kids, confusing feelings, and supernatural horrors all at once?

Summer 1994: with just two months left before college, Elodie is forced by her mother to take a job as a camp counselor. She doesn’t know the first thing about nature, or sports, of kids for that matter, and isn’t especially interested in learning… but now she’s responsible for a foul-mouthed horde of red-headed girls who just might win her over, whether she likes it or not. Just as Elodie starts getting used to her new environment, though — and close to one of the other counselors — a dark mystery lurking around the camp begins to haunt her dreams.

Expected publication: April 14th 2020 by Top Shelf Productions





I couldn’t help myself after seeing this took place in the 90’s. I had to request it.

Camp Spirit is definitely an odd graphic novel, but I really enjoyed it. Elodie doesn’t want to be a camp counselor, but she gives it a try. After camp, she’ll be in college. Also, she slept with a guy that her best friend was attracted to and it caused a bit of friction.

Right away, Elodie realizes this isn’t the camp she expected. The camp chief tells this weird story, the legend of bear lake forest. They sing camp songs about Satan. She sees a weird blue light, a dying deer, and decides that camp chief must be a devil.

While at camp, Elodie actually sort of tames the hyper little redheads she got stuck with. Not totally, but they adore her and mostly listen. Elodie also grows close to another counselor, Catherine.

There is a lot of immature boy crap in the book (at camp). Definitely reminded me of the 90’s when I was in high school. They use lesbian as an insult and think girls are weak. There’s just enough of it in the book to piss you off, but luckily it’s not a ton.  I adored Elodie and the music references.  The redheads made me laugh a lot.

I gave this 3 1/2 stars rounded up to 4. Thank you to Edelweiss for my earc.


Do you read graphic novels?  Is this the type that you would read? (It’s not really YA, more mature.)







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