TBR and Beyond’s December 2019 Challenge “Dobby’s Holiday Bash”


I think this month’s challenge is so freaking cute!  Who doesn’t love Dobby?  You can join the event HERE.  You must be a member of the TBR and Beyond facebook group.  I hope you join us.  The group just hit over 5000 members and it’s always a lot of fun.



This month our challenge is “Dobby’s Holiday Bash” event. The graphics for the challenge will be in the comments below, as well in the general group. Feel free to print it out and mark it up as you please.

This one is really interactive, so it’s a little different from past challenges. This one you have a little paper doll set up – for each challenge, you get a set of clothing for your Dobby ! Your goal is to get him all ready for the holidays by following the prompts!

Prize this month will be any book from Book Depository (up to $15 US).

Prize Entries –
Each book read is worth one entry.
Finish the game – 5 extra entries.

Second Prize!
Potter Bookmark, Earrings and Necklace from Mireille Chartier‘s beautiful Etsy shop!

Extra Entry Chances:
Color your Dobby doll and his holiday background – five extra entries
Complete all interactive prompts (showing socks and such) – five extra entries.









Extra Items:


Wreath making time! Show us some book wreaths!!!

Making a wreath out of books is literally just taking some books and making them in the shape of a circle and if you want to decorate it, cool. You do not have to tear our pages and make a big fancy thing. If you want to, great. It’s as simple as you want though. Don’t overcomplicate it. Ugly is cool lol DO NOT POST UNTIL AT LEAST DEC 1ST


Time to read and listen to some relaxing music! Show us a picture of you doing that! If you really don’t want to post a picture of you – a picture of your pet or something creative would be fine too. DO NOT POST UNTIL AT LEAST DEC 1ST.


We all know Dobby loves socks, so show us yours here! I hope to see some really cute ones! Please don’t post pictures of dirty socks – that’s gross LOL DO NOT POST UNTIL AT LEAST DEC 1ST.


There is another post to share holiday decorations if you have them.  All of these items are listed in the event page.


What do you think of this month’s challenge?  Will you be participating?





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