Review of Deadly Little Scandals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (digital arc)


This is a book two, so there will be spoilers for book one below.




Deadly Little Scandals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

“Think of the White Gloves like the Junior League-by way of Skull and Bones?”

Reluctant debutante Sawyer Taft joined Southern high society for one reason and one reason alone: to identify and locate her biological father. But the answers Sawyer found during her debutante year only left her with more questions and one potentially life-ruining secret. When her cousin Lily ropes her into pledging a mysterious, elite, and all-female secret society called the White Gloves, Sawyer soon discovers that someone in the group’s ranks may have the answers she’s looking for. Things are looking up… until Sawyer and the White Gloves make a disturbing discover near the family’s summer home–and uncover a twisted secret, decades in the making.

No one is quite who they seem to be.




I may be a bit dense, but I totally didn’t see that twist coming.  This book was crazy!


As with any mystery, it’s hard to review without giving up too much information.  Being a book two, this is even harder, but I’ll do my best.


We are back with Sawyer, Lily, Sadie Grace, and Campbell.  Greer is still faking her pregnancy.  Sawyer avoids telling Lily that J.D. is her father, too.  And we see a bit of Nick, Walker, and Boone (plus the adults).


This book goes back and forth in time.  We start off right away with Sawyer and Sadie Grace drugged in a hole, but we don’t know how it happens until we go back to the beginning of summer.  We also see chapters from twenty five years earlier with a bunch of their parents.  Everything was easy to follow and I kept changing my mind of the identity of one of the things found.


All four girls get invites to join the White Gloves.  Everyone is into it except for Sawyer.  But she agrees because of Lily.  They have to do all sorts of crazy things to make it into the secret society.  Only eight girls will be chosen to replace the eight girls leaving.  This society is only for the elite.


“The Candidates are many.”  Those words were spoken to carry.  “The Chosen are few”


Sawyer decides that she wants to find Ana and possibly her baby.  Campbell joins in since that baby would be her half sister.  None of the girls were prepared to unwind the mess of what happened all those years ago.  So many secrets come out.  There are multiple weird twists and the book is fast paced.


I enjoyed this one as much as book one.  I gave this book 4 stars.  Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for my review copy.


Warnings for being drugged, abduction, illegal adoptions, fake pregnancy, death, adultery, poverty vs elite, teenage pregnancy, pregnancy pacts, and probably some more.  It’s a mystery/thriller, so expect all the typical things you see.  The girls are all 18-19.  Sexual activity is implied, but not described.


Have you read the first book?  If so, did you read Deadly Little Secrets?  Is it on your TBR?





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