The October TBR and Beyond Challenge


It’s time for the next TBR and Beyond monthly challenge.  This month’s is a Halloween Escape Room!  You do need to be a TBR and Beyond member to join in on THIS PAGE.  I hope you sign up!




The Rules:


To play the Escape Room Challenge, you must follow the prompts in order that you see them – your goal is to get all three keys to complete the entire game. You will see that some words are in CAPITALS – these are the words for your prompts. In order to finish a card and move to the next one, you must read a book featuring that word!

As usual, the words are up to your interpretation. For example, CREATURE could be a monster, an animal or a mythical animal. It’s really up to you!

As you go along, be sure to color in or circle the items you are supposed to find on the corresponding graphic!

Prize this month will be any book from Book Depository (up to $15 US).

Second Prize (Will be announced tomorrow) – Swag Pack


Prize Entries –
Each book read is worth one entry.
Get ONE key – 3 entries
Get Two Keys – 6 entries
ALL THREE KEYS – 10 entries!

Extra Entry Chances:
Color your picture – Two extra entries
Read one of September’s TBR and Beyond group books – Swipe Right for Murder by Derek Milman, Wilder Girls by Rory Power and/ or Kill Creek by Scott Thomas for an additional two points each. If you read all three this month, you will get 10 extra points total.

– We maybe have one or two more ways to earn entries as time the month goes on, so keep an eye out for that.






Additional Notes:


You don’t not have to complete this entire challenge to get entries for the prizes! Each prompt you finish will get you at least one entry – we know not everyone will read that many books. We always have lots of ways to get entries, so it’s balanced out.



I’m not sure how many of my arcs will fit this month and I’ll be on vacation at the end.  But I’m going to attempt to do as many as I can.  Did you join in?  Does this look like something you would enjoy?







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