Review of All For Love by Kat Colmer (ebook)




All For Love by Kat Colmer


An award winning collection of stories that will make you smile and sigh.

Blind to his best friend’s feelings, Noah asks Tessa to help him win another girl’s heart.

Breaking all the rules, scholarship kid Kahled befriends rich girl Hannah.

Apprentice florist Eve has given up on nice guys until Finn walks into the shop.

Liam doesn’t expect to find love amongst the museum exhibits, but then he runs into Avery.

From a gnome-napping caper to a jewellery heist, these delightful young adult short stories explore the sweet, crazy and brave things we do … All For Love.




This collection is only 47 pages, so I won’t be saying too much about it.  One cool note from the author is that there are gem stones mentioned in every story.  I almost missed the one, but caught it.  It was fun to look for those.

The first story is about two best friends.  They are sneaking over a fence with a dog to steal a gnome for the girl he likes.  The friend was in love with him, but she was willing to help him with everything as long as he was happy.

The second story has a scholarship kid at a school full of rich kids.  He sees a girl by herself and everyone says she is cold and to not bother.  But he sits by her in class and they bond over books before bonding over other things they have in common.

The third story was probably my favorite.  A young girl was working at a flower shop.  She was bitter about her ex and believed there were no nice guys left in the world.  That was until a uni student starts coming in to buy flowers for his mother who is going through chemo.

The fourth took place at a museum.  The youngest security guard thinks that he sees a necklace moving every Friday.  The other guards don’t even pay attention, so he decides to work a Friday night to see what is happening.  He finally finds out what is happening and why.  This one was mostly about tech.


Overall, these were all super cute stories.  I gave this collection 4 stars.   Thank you to the author, Kat, for sending me a copy for review.



Do you enjoy short stories?  Have you read any of Kat’s other books?  You can find some reviews here on my blog.  I’ve really enjoyed everything she’s written so far (that I’ve read).







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2 thoughts on “Review of All For Love by Kat Colmer (ebook)”

  1. These stories sound super cuuuteee and fluffyyy! Must make for a really good read for one of those gloomy days!

    OOOOOOOOHH!! GEMS!!?😍😍😍 Must have been real fun and also something to look forward to in each consecutive story and keep you guessing which you are gonna find next! SUPER FUN IDEA!

    I am going to look for it! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE REVIEW! ❤️❤️❤️😍

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