August 2019 Wrap Up


It’s September (and my birthday month)!   August went by really fast.  I was a bit busier than normal on the weekends, but I was still able to read quite a bit.  Especially when I think of how slow I was with two of the books I read.  I liked everything, but there were definitely some standouts.



Truly Devious   4  1/2 stars

The Vanishing Stair  4  1/2 stars

Gideon the Ninth (digital arc)  4 stars



Final Girls  5 stars

Your Heart Is The Sea  4 stars

There Will Come A Darkness (physical arc)  5 stars



The Babysitter’s Coven (digital arc)  4 stars

The Tenth Girl  (digital arc)  4

The Exact Opposite Of Okay  (late digital arc)  5 stars



The Beast  (physical arc)  4  1/2 stars

Now Entering Addamsville  (digital arc)  4  1/2 stars

The Athena Protocol  (digital arc)  4  1/2 stars



Our Wayward Fate  (physical arc)  4 stars

Dead Voices  5 stars

Marked  (audiobook reread)  5 stars



So that is 15 total books for August.   My favorites were There Will Come A Darkness, Dead Voices, and The Exact Opposite Of Okay.



How was your August?  Have you read any of these yet?







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My name is Kristi and I review books and mod on TBR and Beyond on Facebook. I love to travel and go to concerts. I've been married for over 20 years. I listen to a lot of pop punk. Otherwise, I'm pretty boring. We do have four grandchildren now and try to see them monthly since they don't live close. I read mostly YA and adult mystery/thrillers. I also read a lot of middle grade and some adult romance. You can also find me on facebook, twitter, and instagram (don't post often).

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