July/August 2019 TBR and Beyond Challenge


For anyone new to my blog, I am a moderator in TBR and Beyond which is a very active book group on facebook.  We have monthly challenges and games along with group reads and live author chats.  I hope you join if you haven’t already.  You do need to be a member to sign up for any game.


Our members wanted to do another game board, so we are doing a two month event for summer.  I’ll have the rules below.  You can join and also see the rules with THIS LINK




The Rules:


Back by popular demand! The TBR and Beyond board game! This time we have a nice summer beach theme for you guys! All you have to do is print out the board game sheet (and dice if you’d like) and get started. You can also not print it our and just use it on the computer – whatever works best for you. Here are the basics:

Roll a dice (1-6 dice) and move your pawn as rolled. This works the same as any other board game – when you land on your space then complete that challenge and roll the dice again to move on 😍 You have two months for this challenge so you have more than enough time to get through some, if not all of it.

You do NOT have to do every square, just the squares you land on when you roll the dice. Finishing the game is when you hit the finish line. The prompts on the squares are up to your interpretation.

You can use the book log sheet (print more than one if needed) to track the books you have read and have a sheet to hand in to us at the end.

We have provided a DIY dice and pawn that you can print out and easily put together, if you’d like or you can use your own at home. I will also link a digital dice in the comments, whatever works for you is fine to use.





Two prizes are up for grabs. Two people will win a book of their choice (up to $15 US) from Book Depository.

Yes, the contest is INTERNATIONAL.

Points for the prize:

Participating – 2 points
Completing three challenges – 3 points
Completing five challenge – 5 points
Completing the game – 10 points

If you read July or August’s Group Read you will get 3 extra points for each. Do all four? Get 15 extra entries.

Group Reads for July
Sorcery of Thorns: https://www.goodreads.com/b…/show/42201395-sorcery-of-thorns
When Summer Ends: https://www.goodreads.com/b…/show/39714197-when-summer-ends…

Group Reads for August:
Exact Opposite of Okay:
Truly Devious

We will have a couple more ways during the challenge on ways you can earn some bonus points. We’ll announce them at random, so keep an eye out!



Form to keep track of your books:






I pre-rolled, so I know what my prompts are.  I have a possible TBR written out, but things may change, especially since this is two months.


Summer:  ?

Cover Lust:  Tiger Queen

Go Back Two Spaces

Cover Lust:  Life Is Short And Then You Die

Magic:  ?

Hyped Book:  The Girl the Sea Gave Back

New Release:  Wilder Girls

Strong Woman:  Steel Tide

Contemporary:  Some Places More Than Not



What do you think about this game?  Are you planning to join?  Do you have a TBR made out for it already?







Author: confessionsofayareader

I'm Kristi. I'm a wife, mom, and grandma. I have been breeding leopard geckos for ten years. I love to read and have been trying to review more books (the reason for this blog besides wanting to talk about books with everyone). I also love music and going to concerts, mostly punk and pop punk.

27 thoughts on “July/August 2019 TBR and Beyond Challenge”

    1. I definitely get the time thing. But for future challenges, you really don’t have to print them. Some people just color and fill them in online. I like to print them and write for some reason, but I haven’t with all of them in the past.

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  1. So I have decided to participate in this even though I have a lot going on I just can’t miss it. I might not do very good but I at least want to try. I was trying to figure out how to join int. I’ve already joined the Facebook group. I tried commenting but for some reason it’s not letting me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Did you try commenting in the facebook group? Have you been approved as a member? If you have, you should be able to post. You’ll have to go to the event page and mark that you’re going. Once you do that, I’m pretty sure you can post there.

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      1. I tagged you in a post in the group that has a link to the event. At least I’m pretty sure it is you. I was trying to remember your last name from my giveaway you won. I think I got it right. If you still have questions, just let me know. You can always message me on facebook, too. I usually see those quicker than here.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. For it to count on the board game, you have to land on it. But I believe we give extra points to anyone who reads one even without landing on it. So it would be extra. At least we have before. I can go check real quick. Here you go: Points for the prize:

        Participating – 2 points
        Completing three challenges – 3 points
        Completing five challenge – 5 points
        Completing the game – 10 points

        If you read July or August’s Group Read you will get 3 extra points for each. Do all four? Get 15 extra entries.

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      3. Ok thank you. I already got my prompts for the board and non of them were for the group read but if I read them I can still get the points. That’s good to know thanks. Sorry to be so much trouble.

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