Review of We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal (digital arc)





We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faizal


People lived because she killed.
People died because he lived.

Zafira is the Hunter, disguising herself as a man when she braves the cursed forest of the Arz to feed her people. Nasir is the Prince of Death, assassinating those foolish enough to defy his autocratic father, the king. If Zafira was exposed as a girl, all of her achievements would be rejected; if Nasir displayed his compassion, his father would punish him in the most brutal of ways.

Both are legends in the kingdom of Arawiya—but neither wants to be.

War is brewing, and the Arz sweeps closer with each passing day, engulfing the land in shadow. When Zafira embarks on a quest to uncover a lost artifact that can restore magic to her suffering world and stop the Arz, Nasir is sent by the king on a similar mission: retrieve the artifact and kill the Hunter. But an ancient evil stirs as their journey unfolds—and the prize they seek may pose a threat greater than either can imagine.

Set in a richly detailed world inspired by ancient Arabia, We Hunt the Flame is a gripping debut of discovery, conquering fear, and taking identity into your own hands.

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I downloaded this less than a week before the release date.  I usually won’t do that, but I knew how much I wanted to read this.  And it didn’t disappoint.


The pacing was a bit slow in the beginning.  There is a lot to take in.  The names, places, and words took me awhile to read.  Sometimes I had to reread a sentence.  But the book definitely picks up around 40% in.


I’ll do my best not to give away too much of the plot.  Zafira is a huntress.  She’s known as the hunter because women don’t really have those rights where she lives.  It’s more of a get married and have kids type of deal.  But she couldn’t keep watching her people starve.  Years before, the Arz showed up.  Magic disappeared.  And the Arz is growing closer and closer.  No one goes in there and comes back out.  Except for Zafira.  This is where she hunts animals to bring back home.  The book starts out with her hunting to bring home food for her best friend’s wedding.


Nasir is the prince.  His father is a horrible, abusive person and has made Nasir into a killer.  He’s known as the prince of death.  Nasir has learned over time to have very few feelings.  When he did think he loved someone, his dad did terrible things.  He’s very much a loner, but does have a sort of friend in Altair.


The silver witch shows up and tells Zafira that there is a way to get magic back and for the Arz to go away forever.  There is a book and Zafira is the only one who can retrieve it.  She doesn’t know why, but she is willing to risk her life for everyone else.  Nasir is also sent after the book.  His father wants Nasir and Altair to follow the hunter.  Once he has the book, Nasir is to kill everyone.


There are different kinds of creatures that are dangerous in the Sharr.  Some can take on the face of someone else to trick a person.  They are also immortal, but there is one way to kill them.  Zafira had no idea what to expect there.  She does end up meeting Nasir and Altair along with two others.  They decide to all work together to find the book.  Nasir struggles because of his emotions and he is still determined to follow orders.  But he starts to have feelings for Zafira.  Altair one was of my favorite characters.  He made me laugh a lot.  But I ended up liking everyone.


There are multiple twists and secrets that come out.  And the ending left me wanting book two right now.


I gave this book 5 stars.  Thank you to the publisher and Edelweiss for my copy for review.


Warnings for abuse and death.  The abuse is physical and mental (from a parent).  There is mention of the death of a young child, too.



Have you read this yet?  Is it on your TBR?














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